Sunday, October 10, 2010


Sorry I've been away for ages - life has that nasty habit of getting in the way sometimes doesn't it? I have been very busy 'walking the dog' - strange how I was the one least keen on getting the poor dog, yet it's down to me to look after him. I was warned by all who know my children that the novelty would wear off, but I assured them it wouldn't.

I was wrong. But on the plus side, I am getting fitter than I've been in years and despite eating like a pig, I'm not putting any weight on. Hurrah!

Every day I write my blog when I'm out walking round the fields - I write it in my head, often several times a day. But when I get back home, the ideas and inspiration have all gone.

The Golden Wedding Blanket was given to mum and dad in York. They loved it, I cried. But then I do that a lot! (Such an emotional wreck!)

On the knitting front, I still am so very behind with the mystery blanket - I would like to finish it in half term, but that will mean knitting about 3 squares every day. Ever the optimist..

I have, however, finished Aspen Leaf. All I can say about this is that you really ought to make one. Lovely pattern - quick and simple - apart from the buttonholes which I just didn't understand (but on a side note here, I mentioned to Marianne in an e-mail that they were impossible and she sent me a reply straight away with a video link showing me how to do them - brilliant service). I know I will make this pattern again. I want one in all sorts of colours, all sorts of yarns. Cannot recommend it enough.

I really want to start using some of my delicious sock yarn and have a go at one of the many patterns lurking on my Ravelry Queue. I really want to knit lots of things on my Ravelry Queue actually, with sock yarn or not. I could do with finishing off a few projects too and even making some Christmas presents. Now then, anyone know how to squeeze a few extra hours into the day?

Haven't we had this conversation before once or twice?


Ali said...

Your new cardigan is gorgeous! And thank you for the doggy ammunition - my boys have been lobbying strongly again this week, but I'm standing firm.

quinn said...

The anniversary blanket is gorgeous! Great snap of your mum and dad :)

One of the brilliantest ideas I have seen is programs that invite children to volunteer (or take animal-care "classes") at animal shelters. Nothing like real animals (and real litter boxes, dish-washing, poop-scooping, and walks in the rain and snow) to help a child understand...well, everything.

My mother took a different approach. She told me I could have a guinea pig (which she was terrified of) if I kept my room tidy for one solid year. So...what's it like having a guinea pig?

Jan said...

Oh the wedding aniversary quilt it really lovely ,no wonder they were pleased ,Thankyou for showing us your cardi ,I must get mine going now ,I take Kizzie for a walk ,she walks along side me as I ride on my buggy lol Jan xx

wonderwoman said...

yes we have and i know just how you feel, there's not enough hours in the day to knit/sew and if we do it during the day we feel guilty that we should be doing something else!!! Love your cardigan!


Trash said...

Gorgeous blanketage Missus. I am w you, I would have cried too. It is a family trait on my mother's side, we call it 'Auntie Lil's disease.

Locket Pocket said...

What lovely photos of lovely creations! Lucy xxx

Jo said...

If you every find out how to squeeze an extra few hours in to a day please let me know. We've had our puppy for nearly two months now and it's either me or my hubby who takes him for walks. I really like the fact that it makes me get out of the house though, and also gives me an excuse not to do more housework than I already do. Your Golden Wedding quilt is fab, no wonder your parents love it.

kristieinbc said...

It was so nice to see a post from you this morning! I am usually a lurker, but had to write a comment to say that the blanket you knit for your parents is beautiful. They both look so happy holding it!

dottycookie said...

Love the photo of your parents with the blanket - awwww!

There aren'iut enough hours here either. I think they've all been washed away.

As for dogs, since I'm the one who has ended up looking after the hamster (hardly onerous) we will only be getting a dog when *I* am good and ready!

Moogsmum said...

Yay!! I was dying to see a pic of your folks with the blanket and there it is! They look thrilled with it and I bet your Mum was especially pleased as she knows just how much knitting it took.

I think we need a puppy as poor old Moog can't even walk up the road now without her legs giving way. As a result we're just not getting moving enough.

Aspen Leaf is most definitely on my list. Yours looks gorgeous!