Saturday, July 31, 2010

Failed - but still optimistic!

OK then, so I still haven't sorted out the prizes for the Hamper suggestions. I still haven't finished the Golden Wedding Blanket, or the July socks or even got up to date with the Mystery blanket. I am going out this evening which gives me approximately 7 hours to do all the above. Yeah, no problem!!!

For those of you desperate to know what the August Sock pattern is, well look no further than here - it says the pattern is easy to memorise so will be perfect for those of us planning to knit on the beach in sunnier climes. I just need to see if I have any yarn suitable or whether I need to buy more...

Postie was very good to me yesterday and brought the next installment of the Posh Cashmere Club. It is Sophia 2-ply (that's pure cashmere) and is perfection in a skein. Dee has come up with some pattern suggestions and I'm going for this one. I don't normally do shrugs, but have fallen in love. Just need to find the time to get it done. Another one to add to the list!

I will post again soon, promise and will give you exciting pictures next time of the blanket - which is nearly done. Only another 3,000 or so stitches left to do!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Update on the Hamper

Well thank-you all so much for the brilliant ideas. I've been on-line and have ordered a few more things which I had never thought (or even heard) of. I shall work out a few prizes later on in the week.

Just as a matter of interest, Mama, how big a hamper were you thinking I could put together? Surely the Golden Gate Bridge would need a very big box!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Setting a challenge - prizes offered!

As well as the blanket, I have decided to put together a hamper for mum and dad's Golden Wedding. I want everything in it to have the word 'gold' or 'golden' in the title (gold packaging isn't enough, unless I'm really desperate!) This is what I've come up with in Sainsbury's today.

Pretty pathetic, don't you think?

Anyway, I'm now sending out a plea to you all. If you think of anything or see anything that may fit the criteria, please let me know. I shall try and hot foot it to the nearest shop. If however you live overseas, I may not be able to jump on a plane, finances will not permit. But if you would be so kind as to purchase said item, I would happily reimburse all money involved.

All ideas gratefully received - prizes offered in a names out of the hat type contest. Have yet to work out prizes, but am desperate, so it may even be in the form of something Posh...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walkies, Harvey, Walkies

Knitting has once again taken a back seat. Today was the last day of term, normally a very emotional day for me (I just hate saying Goodbye) but today was even worse. Today was the day when I said farewell to my very first children I worked with. I have known them since they were 4, now they are 11. One of these children was my own son - obviously I shall still see him, but no longer will I be working in the same place as him. I have to let go. Damn it's hard.

I have said farewell to a lovely teacher too who has married a soldier and is moving to Hampshire.

My class that I work in has changed - no longer am I in with the littlies all the time, I have been moved to another class as well. The teacher I work with is fantastic. We have got on so well, work as a team, but the powers that be have decided to move me elsewhere. Never mind, I will rise to the challenge (it is only with class 2 rather than just class 1!) of working with a stranger, a new teacher and a bunch of children that to be honest have been a challenge at the best of times.

So when I got back home today, I felt I needed some time out in the open. Harvey had been inside for most of the day, so he too needed to get out.

So there was but one thing to do, shout "Walkies" and watch my trusty hound charge round like a lunatic looking for his lead.

This is the start of our walk - about 3 minutes from home.

At the end of this gravel path, through the archway of trees at the end, we come to the first wee stop - a field of only just cut yesterday wheat.

Yikes, just look at that sky Harvey, can we stay dry ?

Down to the end of the field to the little newish forest.

Right at the newish forest past a field of broad beans.

Alongside the long swishy grass... the uncut corn field.

Past the sugar beet (Tate and Lyle's finest!)

To another uncut corn field

Onto Hospital Road and past a field that has been left fallow this year

Big circle round the newish forest - oh you should see all the blackberries, rose hips, sloes and haws all waiting for autumn to come.

We then cross over a little bridge and end up back at the just cut yesterday wheat field. Back home for tea and biscuits, thus undoing all the good work of the long walk.

Oh and the black cloud? It duly emptied its contents all over us.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A little bit of progress has happened

Rhodie Gus is at last finished. It's a lovely pattern, really easy and free. So what are you waiting for cast it on now will you?! And I know I'm always harping on about Posh yarn, but honestly, this is really the most wonderful sock yarn ever. So very soft and a dream to knit with - and with 400m per skein, very long too.

Progress of the rest of the list is, well, not progressing, so we shall skirt around that issue and talk puppy dogs instead. This is not a good photo of Harvey, he looks slightly drunk I think. In truth he is gorgeous, a very handsome dog.

He discovered a new game today while I was out and he was home-alone in the kitchen. I have a fabric tube hanging up in which I place all my carrier bags (not that I get many nowadays, preferring those tough recycled 'last forever' ones). Well Harvey saw one hanging out and pulled it. That then revealed another. So he pulled it out. And guess what? Another one then showed up... Well people, I soon realised on my return that I have a lot more carrier bags than I first thought!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Nearly half way...

So we're nearly half way through the month... but I'm not even remotely near half way through my list of projects for July. Rhodie Gus remains unfinished. Golden Wedding Blanket remains unfinished. Mystery Blanket has not been touched for months. Tulip socks, well, I can't even remember where I put them.

Oh dear, this is not going as anticipated.

But on the positive side, I haven't cast on any new socks lately.

Despite being given new sock yarn and ordering a new sock book.