Friday, July 16, 2010

A little bit of progress has happened

Rhodie Gus is at last finished. It's a lovely pattern, really easy and free. So what are you waiting for cast it on now will you?! And I know I'm always harping on about Posh yarn, but honestly, this is really the most wonderful sock yarn ever. So very soft and a dream to knit with - and with 400m per skein, very long too.

Progress of the rest of the list is, well, not progressing, so we shall skirt around that issue and talk puppy dogs instead. This is not a good photo of Harvey, he looks slightly drunk I think. In truth he is gorgeous, a very handsome dog.

He discovered a new game today while I was out and he was home-alone in the kitchen. I have a fabric tube hanging up in which I place all my carrier bags (not that I get many nowadays, preferring those tough recycled 'last forever' ones). Well Harvey saw one hanging out and pulled it. That then revealed another. So he pulled it out. And guess what? Another one then showed up... Well people, I soon realised on my return that I have a lot more carrier bags than I first thought!


wonderwoman said...

he is such a cutie - gorgeous and the socks are blooming lovely too!!!


Jan said...

I have one of those tubes too ,but Kizzie hasnt dicovered that game hmmm lol Jan xx

trash said...

Rhodie Gus v. smart. Puppers v. funny. My assistant has a good party trick too. She likes to pop bubble wrap!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

He's gorgeous! And your Rhodie Gus-es are very smart too! I wish I was the kind of person that handwashed socks so I could use posh yarn too! Lucy x