Friday, July 23, 2010

Setting a challenge - prizes offered!

As well as the blanket, I have decided to put together a hamper for mum and dad's Golden Wedding. I want everything in it to have the word 'gold' or 'golden' in the title (gold packaging isn't enough, unless I'm really desperate!) This is what I've come up with in Sainsbury's today.

Pretty pathetic, don't you think?

Anyway, I'm now sending out a plea to you all. If you think of anything or see anything that may fit the criteria, please let me know. I shall try and hot foot it to the nearest shop. If however you live overseas, I may not be able to jump on a plane, finances will not permit. But if you would be so kind as to purchase said item, I would happily reimburse all money involved.

All ideas gratefully received - prizes offered in a names out of the hat type contest. Have yet to work out prizes, but am desperate, so it may even be in the form of something Posh...


Daisie said...

Golden Delicious?

dottycookie said...

We're just off for a shop so will have a peep.

Elizabeth D said...

Michaela, when will you be presenting their gift? I will check for "gold" when I am in the grocery store, but need to know how much time I have (anything I find must cross the Atlantic).

Karen said...

How about:

Fox's Golden Crunch Biscuits
Nairn's Golden Oaties Biscuits
Green & Glack's Maya Gold Chocolate
Bacardi Gold
Fullers Golden Pride Ale
Golden Marzipan
McVities Golden Syrup Cake
Golden Granulated Sugar
Golden Icing Sugar
Ever Ready Gold batteries??

Can you tell I've just been doing an Ocado shop??!!

Gina said...

I'm impressed by all the suggestions so far... I've nothing to add but I'll have a look next time I'm shopping! It's a great idea.

trash said...

Wow! Karen is all over it. I reckon there is something for everyone in her list.

Oooo! What about those 'Gold' bars? Biscuity things with caramel 'choc' around the outside?

Catherine said...

How about Terrys All Gold Chocolates, Magnum Gold, potatoes Mayan Gold, also you can buy some very nice rose bushes that have gold in their name, there is a variety of raspberry called All Gold. What about films? On Golden Pond, Gold Finger!!!

Moogsmum said...

Bloomin' Trashy has nicked my suggestion.

Quick Sainsbury's search gives us:

Gold leaf roll your own tobacco
Gold label 'beer'
Gourmet Gold (cat food)
Bacardi Gold
Hooky Gold (beer)
Thatcher's Gold (cider)
Bombardier Burning Gold (beer)
Benson & Hedges Gold

So that gives us a perfect hamper for an alcoholic cat-loving smoker. Does this sound like your parents?

Glad to help.


Ann B said...

Mc Vities GOLD bars are naughty!
Badger Ales do various ales with gold in their name: Golden Champion; Golden Glory; England's Gold and First Gold.
Also what about "Palgrave's Golden Treasury" - £7.35 on Amazon, so you wouldn't even have to search for it in the shops? A poem from each major poet since Shakespeare -may bring back memories of schooldays?!
What a lovely idea - I'm sure your parents will be thrilled to bits!

Pamela said...

I have done this same thing three times now and wish I'd had all those other suggestions at the time but I did very well and got a "golden" basket to put them all in. They were very well received. Don't forget the photos.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

So many fab suggestions! I'm afraid I can't think of anything to add so no prizes for me! Locket xx

Mary deB said...

Golden Grahams cereal, Rolled Gold pretzels (not sure you can get those in the UK and I bet they'd be dust after a transatlantic trip in the mail). Great idea!

Mama said...

Do you have the gold leaf squares that are sold in the craft stores (used to "antique" things - applied with a soft brush)? If not, happy to pick up a pack.

Gold American Express credit card?

"Gold Finger" James Bond movie?

Rolled Gold pretzels?


* still thinking *

Mama said...

*mentally kicking into to overdrive*
Golden retriever dog?
Golden Nugget hotel (Las Vegas)?
Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)?
Golden Colorado?
Golden Globe Award?
Golden Books/Little Golden Books?

Note: I can actually help you get several of the items I'd mentined if you need help :)

wonderwoman said...

well it looks to me like everyone's got it covered!!!! Will still get my thinking cap on though!!!


May be goldmine - tad too expensive perhaps???

marit said...

Gullbrød! A Norwegian chocolate called golden bread...I'll have another look around the grocerystore...Deadline?

Catherine said...

Well I was going to add Golden Retriever but Mama beat me to it, but how about Golden Labrador or even a Goldfish. Then again you could always buy some Patons Gold Diploma DK wool!

Amberpearl said...

How about Goldschlager - Cinammon schnapps with actual gold leaf in it. Is yummy if you're a cinammonholic like me.

mrspao said...

Gold coins like the ones you get at Christmas.

Sally said...

You can get those little Goldfish crackers from the US too. This site has them in the UK, though I've never ordered from them myself;