Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walkies, Harvey, Walkies

Knitting has once again taken a back seat. Today was the last day of term, normally a very emotional day for me (I just hate saying Goodbye) but today was even worse. Today was the day when I said farewell to my very first children I worked with. I have known them since they were 4, now they are 11. One of these children was my own son - obviously I shall still see him, but no longer will I be working in the same place as him. I have to let go. Damn it's hard.

I have said farewell to a lovely teacher too who has married a soldier and is moving to Hampshire.

My class that I work in has changed - no longer am I in with the littlies all the time, I have been moved to another class as well. The teacher I work with is fantastic. We have got on so well, work as a team, but the powers that be have decided to move me elsewhere. Never mind, I will rise to the challenge (it is only with class 2 rather than just class 1!) of working with a stranger, a new teacher and a bunch of children that to be honest have been a challenge at the best of times.

So when I got back home today, I felt I needed some time out in the open. Harvey had been inside for most of the day, so he too needed to get out.

So there was but one thing to do, shout "Walkies" and watch my trusty hound charge round like a lunatic looking for his lead.

This is the start of our walk - about 3 minutes from home.

At the end of this gravel path, through the archway of trees at the end, we come to the first wee stop - a field of only just cut yesterday wheat.

Yikes, just look at that sky Harvey, can we stay dry ?

Down to the end of the field to the little newish forest.

Right at the newish forest past a field of broad beans.

Alongside the long swishy grass... the uncut corn field.

Past the sugar beet (Tate and Lyle's finest!)

To another uncut corn field

Onto Hospital Road and past a field that has been left fallow this year

Big circle round the newish forest - oh you should see all the blackberries, rose hips, sloes and haws all waiting for autumn to come.

We then cross over a little bridge and end up back at the just cut yesterday wheat field. Back home for tea and biscuits, thus undoing all the good work of the long walk.

Oh and the black cloud? It duly emptied its contents all over us.


trash said...

Loving his face in those early pics, A real case of 'Stop faffing with that camera woman and LET'S GO FOR A WALK!!!!'

Moogsmum said...

Look at the size of him - he's so tall!!!
Having a lovely long walk with your trusty hound is a perfect antidote to an emotional day and well worth sacrificing some knitting time for.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sorry to hear about work - but the soggy walk sounds fun! Lucy x