Thursday, December 22, 2011

No more doom and gloom

So yesterday was the shortest day. Yippeeeee!!! The nights are getting shorter and the days longer. Summer is on its way people. And it isn't even Christmas. See, I told you I was optimistic!

Progress on the Hexipuff blanket is slow, very, very slow. Other knitting, not to mention life, has been getting in the way. I am still aiming for 40 hexis a month, but December will be a tall order. This is what it looks like at the moment - 186 in total. Unsure about how many left, but I'm thinking probably about 400ish.

Have you been watching Strictly Come dancing? Now I don't normally like the programme myself, but this year has been different. Over at the Posh Forum on Ravelry, there was a Strictly sweepstake -I joined in, unable to refuse the temptation of a little gamble. Well, I drew Harry and Aliona. That was very good news. They won, which means that everyone else in the sweepstake has to send me a skein of Posh yarn, or a voucher to the value of a skein. Christmas has come early for me this year - the yarn is trickling in through my post box and my Posh Bank has credit in it, ready for when the shop next opens on January 1st. All very exciting!

I have joined in the Posh Sock Challenge too. Knit a pair of socks every 52 days, so by the end of 2012 I will have 7 pairs of Posh Socks. In theory. Being a slow-knitter, this really is a challenge - but at least I now have lots of delicious sock yarn to choose from thanks to my mate Harry.

I will try and post again before Christmas, but if I fail miserably at yet another target, I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and all health and well-being for 2012.

New Year's Resolutions anyone? I might suggest something like ' control Startitis, finish wip's and stop buying yarn'. Yeah right. The same as it's been for the past however many years. I can usually manage until January 2nd. But doubt I'll even get that far this time!



quinn said...

Lucky you!!!!!!

I'll be looking forward to a series of fabulous poshy projects in 2012 :)

Elizabeth D said...

What wonderful luck with the Posh -- I know how you love that yarn.

Oh -- and I don't care how many wonderful pictures you post of your hexipuff creation, you will NOT get me to contemplate it for even one moment. Just thinking about that one makes me twitch. . .

wonderwoman said...

Well done on the win!!! Wishing you a lovely christmas. Xxxxxxxx

trash said...

A pair of socks every 52 days???? I feel a little ill just thinking about that level of knitting commitment.

Very excited to hear about your win, shall just contemplate the gorgeous thought of skein after skein of free Posh falling through the letterbox.

How did the boy get on over his weekend of hard living?

Moogsmum said...

Ha ha ha haaaa! Your New Year's resolutions are hysterical...especially the not buying yarn bit!!

By the way, are you still on for a trip to Loop? You can watch me buy lots of yarn ;o)

Happy Christmas!!


p.s. did you survive the survival weekend?