Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help needed

Somebody please make me get off Ravelry where I am browsing patterns, wondering what to cast on next. I have got more than enough on my plate so to speak and if I don't get off the computer and knit, then nothing wil get done and no-one will have a present this Christmas.

Make me do it please.


wonderwoman said...

i soo know how you feel!! its just soo addictive - my list of makes is just getting bigger and bigger!


trasha said...


(btw - what is your username so I can 'make friends' with you?;-)

Sarah Knits said...

Yes I know that feeling too, it is a bit like chocolate you just have to say to your self I need to get on with me knitting and then pick it up! Or in my case I am not eating chocolate I will pick up fruit, it won't stop the chocolate calling but that is another story!

sara said...

Step slowly away from the computer.
Put kettle on make tea. Pick up needles and knit. Do not think about the computer.....

Doesn't work for me either!

Working Mom Knits said...

Girlfriend - we are of like minds! I have been a rav-addict myself lately - printing and queing waaaaay more patterns than I could EVER knit.

...but it beats the heck out of working while a gal is at the office :)