Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well much like my Internet Buddy, I seem to have lost the desire to blog lately. It seems that as soon as I get on the computer, all the ideas I've had throughout the day have disappeared. My mind has gone blank (not that that's anything new...) So I just end up going on Ravelry for a bit.

And as we all know, Ravelry is a time warp. You can be on there for only five minutes and all of a sudden, 2 hours have passed, the children are still up and still fighting. The tea pots remain unwashed - the tea often hasn't even been cooked - and all the jobs you needed to do are still not done. Just because you were looking what to knit next, what new yarns have crept on and what on earth could you do with that last 3 metres of yarn. Ravelry. Pah. It is a wicked place in deed.

It is weigh day today and I have lost another pound (didn't lose anything last week). It is now becoming very difficult, I seem to have been dieting forever and all I want to eat is a big fat slice of chocolate cake. I've had enough cottage cheese to last a lifetime, more vegetable soup than is humanly good for a girl and enough of anything that isn't drenched in butter, chocolate or cream. I keep trying to convince myself that I've not got far to go, that my final 6lbs that I want to lose can easily be gone by Christmas. But it's not easy is it?

Must try harder. Must not crave badness. Will enjoy eating diety foods. Will delight in the pleasures of fat free fromage frais, natural yoghurt, sugar free jelly and ryvitas.

Oh joy!

Maybe next time the weather is good, I'll gather together all the raffle prizes and take some pictures. That might give me the kick up the backside I need.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

My diet has completely gone by the wayside at the moment and I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth trying to re-start it so close to Christmas - dunno is the answer!

Did my raffle prize arrive ok? I'm looking forward to seeing what all the prizes are - even if I'm not being good about the weight loss part!

Take care and don't give up on the blogging - just do it when you want to!

Locket xxx

wonderwoman said...

you are doing soo well, hang on in there!!!! i think we all need a blogging break now and then!!!! as for ravelry - i know what you mean!!!


quinn said...

Do I ever understand about the ravelry time-sink. It's a drug.

A wonderful, happy drug...

I am so impressed with you and the others who have continued to lose weight. Unfortunately, my scale seems to be stuck at the same weight for several weeks now. Perhaps Santa will bring a new one.

(He'd better NOT!!!)

dottycookie said...

Hurrah, you're back! Stay away from Ravelry, it truly is the Dark Side.

Only 6lb to go - woo hoo for you! I have a few more than that left ;-)

I lost 2 more last week (this is a different 2 to the ones I mailed you about, yay), and will weigh in again tomorrow, though I'd be happy to just have stayed the same - 4lb in 2 weeks is more than I've managed in months!

Mary deB said...

Ooops, forgot to weigh myself this morning, but with a bit of extra eating and a complete lack of exercise, I doubt I'd have anything to report!

Hey, my word today is "persia"! Maybe an indication of adventure and travel to come??

Rachel said...

Managed a pound this week. It is indeed very hard, especially when you are as fond of sweets and cakes as I am! Any hope of me reaching my goal has gone out the window, especially when I see how much some of the others have lost! Please do post some pics of the prizes, to give me some incentive for one last push!
R x

Susan T-O said...

LOL--when I read your remark about Ravelry being a time warp, I automatically looked to the end of the paragraph for the "agree" button!

ladydi said...

Good for all you gals for losing weight. I've been down that road, and am now struggling to KEEP it off, which is just as hard. :}

Moogsmum said...

The only reason my 'diet' hasn't totally gone to pot this week is me having flu!

I thought it was just me who managed to lose hours and hours on Ravelry - too distracting for words!

Photos of raffle prizes would be a perfect tonic right now.