Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Failed hopelessly in fact. Didn't get the blanket finished and actually did very little else. I still haven't done any other kniting except the blanket and fortunately the end is really in sight now. Good job as a lovely lot of Almerboo arrived yesterday. Photos soon. Going to hang my head in shame now, thanks to Locket I have re-named this month as Make-It-Up-March. Hoping to have a few more finished projects this month. And a few more photos too.

Sorry everyone.


Elizabeth D said...

Stop this groveling!! No one was harmed by your (self-labeled) failure to finish everything. You got some stuff done and made some progress. That looks good to me. Go ahead, cast on a new sock!! (You know my Ravelry name)

Trash said...

Absolute shame falls upon the House of Stash. So will it be hari kari by knitting needle???

quinn said...

You have not failed, you have provided Locket with an opportunity for creative month-naming. So there :)

quinn said...

By the way, my word verification:


I swear! I gots the magickal!

marit said...

You're not failing, it's just that March is a much better month to finish this off in;-D! So it's only been a slight delay...

Jo said...

You haven't failed if the end is in sight. I bet you're much more motivated to get it finished now you can see and end to it.

wonderwoman said...

that's definitely NOT a failure, more of a slight hitch!!!


Moogsmum said...




No! NO! NOT at ALL failed! while some of us (me) have been piddling about with socks you've knitted a whole BLANKET! A. WHOLE. BLANKET.