Thursday, February 24, 2011


I has just occurred to me that I've not shown you the Dog-Walking Hermiones. I used this yarn to make Nutkin, possibly the worst sock pattern I have ever done - it went to the frog pond, something I very, very rarely do. The pattern twisted and was so very tight, the yarn pooled and looked awful. But I tell you what, Nutkin's loss is my gain! Easy peasy pattern and I love the effect it's made. Yummy!

And here, as promised are my somewhat bright socks. Quickest pattern ever. Lovely and thick and warm. I will be making more and more and more of these socks - every pair will be different, depending what yarn I have to use up. For I have quite a bit of sock yarn to use up!

And for now ladies and gentlemen, I am heading back to the blanket. Not long now (she says with great enthusiasm!)


Moogsmum said...

Your stripy scrap socks are really and truly gorgeous! I have a very bad case of sock envy.

I love your Hermione sock too. Just perfect in that yarn and so much better than those silly twisty Nutkins!

Have fun with the blanket :o)


Jo said...

I love both of those socks. It will be interesting to see the different scrap socks you make, each pair different from the last.

dottycookie said...

I adore the Hermiones. They're the only pair of socks I've knitted that have held up hole free for longer than it took to make them.

wonderwoman said...

i love all your socks but the multicoloured ones are my fav!


marit said...

I feel like a stalker...or a copycat...I've just downloaded that Hermione-pattern-LOL!

Locket Pocket said...

I still don't get how you can knit whilst walking the dog! You really are superdooper clever and I am green with envy! Lucy xx

Anonymous said...

love these socks - (in fact both of them) great idea for using up leftovers.