Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 4.

No photo today I'm afraid. By the time I got back from school and then the dog walk, got tea ready, hoovered up and brought the washing in, it was dark. I managed a few rows of Soho last night, but not many.

Today's WIP is the Without Borders Sock - a p/hop pattern, which brings me quite nicely round to plugging a blanket that p/hop are organising on e-bay. Go and have a look and even bid if you feel so inclined. I tried bidding (because I so need another blanket!) but was outbid very quickly.

Right then, must go and knit. Spent far too long on Ravelry last night (oh my queue is growing again!). Please do not be concerned about my wip pile decreasing. It isn't. Apart from the Almerboo Bootees, nothing else is remotely done. Thanks Locket for giving me the opt out clause of Make it Up March, I'll be needing that (and very possibly About time April and even Must finish May).


Locket Pocket said...

I noticed you'd been busy queueing new projects on Ravelry - looks like you're going to need those extra months now! Locket xx

trash said...

Then you could go into - Juggling Things In, Just Do It July & All Done August. I think by the time we get to 'Back to School we can call it 'Seriously? September?'

Am off to check your Ravelry queue to be amazed at how big it is ;-)

Moogsmum said...

I'm going to follow Trashy and check your queue, just in case there's anything I need to knit too!


Jo said...

Love those socks, can't wait to see them finished.