Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2.

Yesterday's knitting project was the Almerboo Bootees (pattern from here). I knitted like crazy and actually amazingly got something finished! These are so gorgeous to feel and I'll bet they're quite nice to wear too - but I'm not allowed, they are for mum for Christmas. Yippee! I have started!

And here's a picture of my washing line today - I hand-wash all my hand-knit socks, even the ones that say the yarn is machine washable. Somehow I just don't trust it. I would be most upset if they died in the wash!

Right then, back to the knitting. Mystery blanket today. Do not expect great results though, I'm onto a cable one. Hate knitting cables, so damn fiddly.


Elizabeth D said...

Michaela, you are frightening me!! Is there a pattern for the Almerboo bootees (and why are they called that) or did you just make them up as you went along?

Moogsmum said...

Yay!!! You finished them! They look gorgeous and cosy and I bet your Mum will love them.

I felt exactly the same as you about handwashing my socks until very recently. Then I took a big deep breath and went for it - now they all go in the machine on a 30 degree wool wash and come out sparkly clean and exactly the same size as they went in - including the ones that say 'Don't you dare machine wash me!'


Ali said...

Your washing line looks fab! I put mine in the machine on a wool cycle, but I worry.

Jo said...

The bootees are lovely, they'll certainly keep your mum's feet toasty. I hand wash all my hand knit socks too, I would worry the whole time they were in the machine.

marit said...

Love the bootees! Great pattern, and they look so comfortable:-)

I put my handknits in the machine...but hang them to dry like you.

Have fun with the blanket:-) (Cables are LOTS of fun!!!)

Locket Pocket said...

Your line of socks looks so pretty! Lucy xx