Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sorry I've been away again. Life. It has this habit of getting in the way doesn't it?

Anyway, thank-you all for the comments on the dreaded Mystery blanket. It is coming along now and I only have 5 more squares left to knit and then the border (which I've worked out to be about 18,000 stitches big). No photo yet I'm afraid - perhaps you'll just wait until it's all done then? Hopefully by the end of this month...

...that is if I can bear to put down some of my other projects. This is a Rowan-esque pattern from the latest book. I saw a sample knitted up in John Lewis and fell in love. I didn't go to the expense of all the Rowan summer tweed and decided to knit it from stash (well, almost!) Basically it seems to be an extension of the Mason Dixon Scribble Scarf. Which actually I hated knitting, so why on earth I'm doing one that involves casting on 250 stitches I don't quite know!

It is already a few rows bigger than this, but as you'll appreciate, that many stitches with lace-weight is a bit of a slow-grower. For me anyway. I don't like knitting with lace weight or mohair so again I am left asking myself - why?

I've finished a pair of socks. Have done these whilst walking Harvey. You can't see the pattern at all here (rubbish photo) but it's Dee's Slip Up Socks pattern. Brilliant, easy, relatively mindless. I've used Colinette Jitterbug - nice and warm.

I can't seem to get a good picture of this. It's a bootee. A lovely warm snuggly cosy bootee in Woolhunter's Almerboo. A dream of a pattern, fabulous yarn (who wouldn't want to knit anything in Almerboo? what a great name!)

The second one is cast on, and not far off completion. Another Christmas present sorted! I really am determined it won't creep up on me again this year.

Just remind me I said that will you?


quinn said...

Do you mean you literally knit socks at the same time as you are walking? Outdoors? With a dog??
If so, I'd like to send my dog to you for training, please!

Elizabeth D said...

Oh my! When you said it was a Christmas present, I just assumed you meant a leftover for Christmas 2010. I am impressed! And what is the bootee (in the U.S. it's bootie -- why couldn't we all do it the same way for once?) pattern? I like.

Locket Pocket said...

How on earth do you knit complicated cable socks whilst walking the dog?? You are superwoman!!! Lucy xx

Locket Pocket said...

Oh, I see I was looking at the wrong sock pattern but even so! Knitting whilst walking the dog is mega impressive!!! Lucy x

wonderwoman said...

I'm amazed , i can't knit socks sitting down and concentrating and you can do it whilst walking the dog!!! I am bowing down to you in awe as we speak!!!


Moogsmum said...

I agree with Quinn and Locket. I thought Trashy was awesome when she queued and knitted at the same time but actually walking and knitting seems far too complicated to me!

That scarf is going to be beautiful and well worth the effort of those long long rows. I have the wool ready for mine but don't have the gumption for anything with more than 60 stitches in a row.

I think we need to see those bootees on your feet to show us their full glory ;o) They really are very very beautiful.


Jo said...

I love the colour of the socks. I've started my Christmas knitting already too, I wonder if I'll get fed up before I get everything done.