Monday, December 7, 2009

Chocolate cakes

As promised, here are the chocolate cakes I made this weekend. The top one is called Trillionaire's Shortbread. Chocolatey base, chocolatey fudgey middle and chocolate top. The name is very apt. Each piece contains at least a trillion calories. And I had a whole piece as well as licking out the bowl!

This next one is Chocolate shortbread tart. It is not like shortbread. It's a very moist almondy base with even moister chocolate almondy topping. Delicious with vanilla ice cream. I had a piece of this too (not as big as the piece in the photo). And it was bloody good. Warm from the oven, gooey, melt in the mouth, crisp on top. A chocoholics dream. And I am a very big chocoholic.

And following the weekends' piggery, I fully expect to be just that at fat club. Big.


dottycookie said...

Eh, I think you deserved it. It would have been more than flesh and blood could stand to have refused either of those!

wonderwoman said...

no-one could resist those!!!yummmm


sara said...

I want some of the trillion one please. It looks so so lovely.

Rachel said...

Sabotage!! No seriously, can I have the recipe for that chocolate almond tart please? I NEED to make that asap!! (See, I told you I had no willpower - I can sabotage my diet all by myself!!)
R x

Mary deB said...

I'll take the trillionaire's one! See, I can easily pass on the second, since I don't like almond flavour. Just make things I don't like, and I am safe!

Ahem, but at my house we have chocolate cookies. Perhaps I'll put one on my blog...

Yum, yum.