Friday, December 11, 2009

Millions of miles

You may recall that sometime ago I mentioned that I had about a million miles of i-cord. Years ago Clara sent me some dishcloth cotton - far too nice to use for washing the dishes and using for all my mucky pots. So I got my mum to turn it into i-cord (she's good like that is my mum!) and had a great idea of transforming it into something beautiful.

As it happens, the beautiful thing is new rug for our bathroom. I was full of enthusiasm and was going to give it to Mr Stressy for his birthday. That was 8 months ago! So I have now decided to finish it for Christmas. Unfortunately, it's taking far longer to sew together than I first thought.

A million miles is a very long way in deed. So here it is so far, a mere fraction of the size it will be when it finally grows up. I am trying to sew each and every 'row' together to make it super strong. How long until Christmas?

Not long enough, she shouts, panic rising with every breath.

Here's a cake I just knocked up the other day. Both my children wanted it for them. But as neither of them is called Georgie and nowhere near the grand old age of 30 I said they couldn't have it. What a mean mother.


Moogsmum said...

That is a truly wicked cake Mrs Stashbasket! What a lucky 30 year old.

Rather you than me, sewing all that i-cord together. Mind you, it's going to be lovely when it's done.

Ooh ooh - I lost another pound this week. Which is more than Georgie will do after that cake!


p.s can you send me your address please? Thought I had it. Well, I did have it but I've no idea where I put it!

trasha said...

Might I suggest that if your boys REALLY wanted that cake they might change their names by deed poll (or just ask for lessons on baking??)

Loving the bath mat. Lucky Mr. Stressy.

wonderwoman said...

fantastic cake - a real wow!!!


Mama said...

Okay - that's the Peaches and Cream DISHCLOTH COTTON??? It is gorgeous!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That's MY cake!

And what a fab dishcloth bath mat that is going to be! I learnt how to do i-cord last week and although it is much easier than I expected it to be I can't imagine how your mum could cope with knitting so much of it - the rows are so short you are forever having to start another before you've had time to get into the one before! She must love you loads!

Locket xxx

silverpebble said...

Dear Mrs Basket. I am called Georgie and I am 30. Really I am

That cprd mat is fabulous. Oh though, I couldn't face all that sewing. My eyes would go gozzy.