Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stop Press!

Have you seen this? I for one will be queuing up, finger poised on the refresh button!

In the weight loss stakes, I'm down another pound - felt I deserved more, but just the one it is. Perhaps if I hadn't eaten the bag of Brazil nuts, almonds and pecans, it might have been more. (I have now officially lost 10% of my body weight since starting at Slimming World!)

Updated to add - She's Back! WMK is blogging again under a new name. She is planning to run a marathon (in 80 years time by the looks of things) and needs you to visit her. Welcome back WMK, er, Mama!


Mama said...

10%?! You are an inspiration!

ps: I can't take being a non-blogger - you can now find me here:

Mama said...

hmmm - I quite like my new moniker - "Mama"

trashalou said...

I'm with Mama - 10%? Wooohooo!!

Mary deB said...

Well, I"m down another pound, which is nowhere near 10%... Yay, you, though!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well done! My scales are still being friendly - but unofficially!

Yay for mad running mama coming back to blogland - quite insane!

Locket xxx

Moogsmum said...

Yay! Another great weight loss Michaela and well done on the 10%. I stayed the same this week, which is fine as I was eating comfort food last week - I also got my 10% at my previous weigh-in :)

Great to see WMK is blogging again!


Kathryn said...

Well done on the 10%!

I think I've gained 10%!

Saw 'Cherubic' and thought of Rumplestiltskin.