Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh dear, startitis again...

Yesterday I had some visitors for lunch (wave hello Marianne and Cybil!). We had a very healthy main course of prawn and pasta salad and for pudding the slightly less healthy option of a big plate of cakes! (Thanks girls, I put on a pound and a half at fat club today!!!)

After eating we got onto the serious business of knitting. Marianne broke her wrist some weeks ago and yesterday was the momentous day of Cast Removal. And so therefore the first day of knitting for a long time. Only she did some crochet - a very secret project, but one which made me wish I could crochet! But instead of learning, I did what all self respecting non-hookers do, I delegated. Cybil very kindly offered to test-crochet the pattern and give the end product to me. Not telling what it is. Can't. So don't ask. While all this not-so-gentle persuasion was going on, Cybil sat with head down, trying to ignore my pleas, knitting a sock. Resistance is futile!

I made some serious inroads to Tempest. I love and adore everything about this. Pattern, yarn, colours, even having a love fest with the Peace Fleece needles!
Marianne was super-kind and generous and gave me a skein of yarn which she had spun herself. Now how anyone can spin is beyond me. How anyone can spin and give up their yarn to someone else is even further beyond me!

I would show you a picture of the pretty skein of resulting merino/cashmere/silk but I can't. I wound it into a ball within minutes of them leaving and cast on for a lacy Baktus. Look! I have nearly finished! (Planning on wearing it tomorrow)

So with all this cardi and scarf knitting, I am neglecting my little Polly Jean. But fear not, will be doing more of this tomorrow, or even later on tonight if I can get my bum into gear!


wonderwoman said...

Love all those gorgeous yarns especially the last pink one!!! Soo tempting!!!

dottycookie said...

Good grief woman, slow down - you're making the rest of us look bad!!!

I have fat club tomorrow and if I haven't lost anything this week I shall eat the wretched leader. There's not much of her,. I doubt she'd count as many points.

trash said...

Your lace Baktus is very pretty indeed but still beyond my extremely soggy needles.

Having seen your Polly Jeans I am getting closer to attempting a cast-on.

Rhiannon said...

I think you are the faster knitter I have ever come across!
I do intend to start on the socks soon, but who knows when it'll happen!

Sarah Knits said...

Looks like we are level pegging on the repeats for Polly Jean - although I have not picked up my other projects in between - do they need to be finished by the end of March?

Your Bactus is so pretty but I must not start any more new projects this month (walks away muttering I must not, I must not)!

Pat said...

That Baktus in on my list too!! I love your sock top, beautiful!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

All your knitting is looking fabulous! But I still don't think you'll catch me casting on for Polly Jean! Locket xx

marit said...

The tunic I'm knitting, is really, really boring...50 cm of plain knitting in the those Polly Jean's are awfully tempting!!! Tempest too- fortunately I don't have any suitable yarn for it!
Your lacy Baktus looks great- it's a beautiful yarn!

Moogsmum said...

What a lovely knitterly day! I love that lacy Baktus and because of you I now have to buy the yarn to make one too!!!

Your PJs are looking good. That is very very pretty yarn :)


p.s. to Trashy - you can do it!!!!

picperfic said...

You are such a busy bee...I am so glad that my yarn went to a good home, you are loving it beautifully x