Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What New Year's Resolution?

It's nearly April which means that the next installment of the Posh Yarn Cashmere Club has arrived. Yippee!! This colour is called Tulip Time and it's very, very pretty. I'm not a really pink girly girl, but I do like this - some skeins seem to be more orange and less pink - mine is the other way round. I've been busy already hunting down sock patterns (how well will silk and cashmere socks stand the test of time I wonder?) and am undecided between about 6 patterns! What's your favourite sock pattern? What would you do with this skein? Apart from pet it of course!

As you may have read on some other blogs, I went out for the day on Saturday. I got up nice and early, caught the train, arrived in London and met up with some decidedly insane people. They persuaded me that it would be a good idea to go to Loop. I really didn't want to go there, but felt it was only polite to go along with everyone else's wishes. They had to drag me inside ('no there isn't room, let me stay outside in the rain') and positively FORCED me to buy yarn. As you know, I don't need any more yarn. I have plenty. I'm not buying yarn all year, it's my New Year's Resolution. So it wasn't my fault at all that they grabbed my Credit Card, tortured me to give them the chip n pin thingy and put these skeins in my bag.

Why did you do it to me Locket and Moogsmum? You have corrupted an innocent being. (But it has to be said, my new yarn is D blooming Licious and I can't wait to get started on something!)

I had some very lovely presents too. Gorgeous stitch markers, a lovely flower brooch (I'm wearing it now Locket) and a very funny coaster. My children both laughed when I showed it to them!

But wait a minute. What's this I see before me? More yarn? Yes, 'fraid so. I decided to stop being such a wimp over the whole 'I will not knit lace' problem. I fell in love on Saturday, with a small but perfectly formed teeny weeny skein of Alchemy Haiku. I don't knit lace. I can't bear lace weight yarn. Mohair yarn gives me the collywobbles. And when did you ever see me knitting dark and dingy colours?

Presenting Ishbel. Mmmmmmm. Love the yarn, love the colour, love the pattern - OK so I'm only on the easy peasy stockinette part, but oh boy, am I in lurve!


Kitty said...

That was so unkind of those other bloggers to drag you into Loop like that! You probably have some sort of post traumatic stress disorcer or something, the treatment for which is probably along the lines of yarn-i-ness. ;) x

Kitty said...

Disorcer? What's a disorcer? I meant disorder, of course. x

wonderwoman said...

Soo wish i could have been there to see you being forced into Loop!!! Gorgeous yarns tho! I think under the circumstances, knowing what loveliness is in there, you were very restrained!


Gina said...

Those wicked girls forcing you into Loop to buy yarn... that's why I went home on Friday!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

And you were trying SOOOOOOO hard not to buy anything! ;o)

It was lovely to spend the day with you - we'll have to arrange another meet up soon!

Locket xx

Jan said...

I so feel your anguish ,I hope you have forgiven them for forcing you into that shop and making you buy ,and now having bought it you have to decide what to make life can be soooo hard sometimes ,I see you are in Cambridgeshere ,,..,,..love Jan xx

Jan said...

PS I meant Cambridgeshire ,sp! ,So am I ?love agen Jan xx

Moogsmum said...

I'm so terribly sorry we gave you such a hard time in Loop but if it weren't for our forceful ways you'd have been bored to death this week without that pretty mohair to play with.....I mean, what else would you have knitted?

So I don't suppose you're going to fancy a return visit when Loop move to their bigger shop, then?

No, thought not!

Also - don't be asking me about favourite sock patterns - I have about 40 - as you well know!