Saturday, January 31, 2009

How long?

Oops, has it been so long again? Sorry about that. No excuse this week.

Anyway, this morning, as seems to be the norm on Saturdays when I can have a lie in, I woke up at 5.30. Not good for the bags under my eyes. So I crept downstairs and made some bread and a cake. Well, it was either that or ironing. Hmm. Why didn't I knit instead? Stoopid me.

Postie came calling at 8.00, not with the latest installment of Mystery Blanket yarn, but with a package from Wonder Woman. I won a competition over at her blog and just look what delights arrived...

There's also a knitting book but for some reason that hasn't been photographed. There are some really good things in there though, right up my street! Thank-you so much Wonder Woman - so kind, so generous and so lovely! Wonder how long it will be before Startitis rears its ugly head again. (Have wanted to try this Freedom Spirit yarn for some time. I feel wrist warmers or stripey scarf happening very soon. Or both)

The following 3 pictures are for Monkee Maker. I had a severe reprimand last week for there being no Saturday Pudding. It was a parlous state of affairs and I promised to try and do better this week.

So today you may choose which one to sample.

Chocolate cake with chocolate chunks and Mars Bar icing.

Nigella's Banana and Walnut loaf from the Domestic Goddess book (possibly my most favourite cook book)

Steamed banana and ginger sponge with fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Calories? Pah. Who needs them eh?


trashalou said...

oo! Oo! May I have the ginger pudding?

Kitty said...

Oh my ... what lovely puddings you have ... I'll have ... erm ... er ... a small taste of each? x

scarlettina said...

They all look delicious!
How do you make mars bar icing? It sounds like something that would be very popular here.

Moogsmum said...

I'd like the ginger pudding please thank you :-)
What's Kitty on about...a 'small' taste of she mad? A big slab of each please!

Fab goodies from Wonderwoman - what a generous addition to the stash basket!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Some of each please!!!! Please knit instead though - far less calorific! Lucy xxx

Rhiannon said...

Congrats on winning the wool, its lovely

Those cakes all look very scrummy, and baking lots of cake is always better than a bit of cake, so I say full steam ahead!

kleinzonnetje said...

Well done on winning the wool! I love the freedom spirit at the moment - it felts wonderfully.

If I had to choose, then it's got to be the chocolate cake. As for Mars bar icing - fab! Have you ever made Medway mud? - 10 Mars bars and a pint of cream, but is heaven!

Anonymous said...

Domestic goddess book I will try to put my hand on this one, for sure! ;). You are a very busy bee and those cakes and puddings are virtual temptations. Happy knitting with new yarn!


Handmade in Israel said...

Oh yikes! I am drooling... and it's only 10am here! A bit too early to start eating things like that. Yummy!

wonderwoman said...

so glad you liked the wool! puds look fantastic - made a banana cake myself on sunday, didn't last long tho!


silverpebble said...

Good lord - you've ceratinly made up for any lack of previous sat pud - i'm drooling - the sticky shine on that choccy cake!

I've made a few apple grunts since I saw it on your blog - haven't got the nigella book necessary (will have to remedy that - is it the DG one?) so it was a lovely surprise. Grunts aren't pretty are they, but that gooey substance on top makes up for lack of looks.

monkee maker said...

Reprimand? Me?? I did not!!

Lovely lovely yarns and cakes here, Michaela - I have some of that Freedom Spirit yarn too, in the exact same colours, so I'll be intrigued to see what you do with it. So that I can copy, natch.