Monday, January 5, 2009


So here are my first 2 squares for the Mystery Blanket. They are the same size really, it's just my photography that isn't right.

We're just all trying to work out what the theme is - apparently you don't get to find out until a few months into the club. I am now working on (er, struggling with) the next square - lace, cables and beads. It's a hard one (But deep red, so a lovely colour) - even had to frog it once!!!!!

I am quite surprised by how long these little squares actually take. Lots of hours!

Sorry to all you lovely people who comment on this blog. It appears that the spammers have caught up with me ('Jordan Shoes'? Bah - sod off and find someone else to irritate) so I'm having to start using the word verification thingy which I find a bit of a pain. Hopefully jordan won't tell all her mates about me and they'll keep away.

Back to school tomorrow so my knitting time will be drastically reduced. Boo hoo.


quinn said...

Lovely squares! I can see how addictive one of these mystery projects may become.

Sorry you've been "discovered" but I doubt anyone will mind the few moments of typing in the box. In fact, the verification "word" is sometimes quite funny.

(I just noticed that the verification box is empty...hope this will post!)
Note: after I hit "publish," the box came back WITH a verification, and it IS a funny one! :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It's alright Michaela - I can cope with word verification to talk to you - but I'm all agog to know what Jordan was telling you about her shoes!!!

Great squares - especially the green-y one. I'm looking forward to seeing how they all come together!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

I too am struggling with the red square...I just can't get the third row to work out!

If you suss it out, let me know please?!


wonderwoman said...

your knitting is always soo great - those squares would take me weeks!
hope your 'jinx' gets fixed!


Moogsmum said...

I love your squares - they are all lovely! The red one is particularly gorgeous an I'm in awe of you doing beading and cabling at the same time!!


p.s. glad you ot those stinky spammers sorted - I was wondering what that Jordan was on about!

elizaboo said...

Its going to be very exciting watching your mystery blanket grow - I almost joined myself - but held back as I had so many other projects I wanted to start this year!! But I will avidly watch yours grow!!