Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fed up.

Is it just me, or is anyone else in the UK now sick of being cold? The weather is still freezing. The snow is slowly melting. The pavements are thick ice and it's far safer to walk on the roads. But it's not safe to drive on the roads as a near miss with a mini bus showed me this morning (I was driving the car at the time and found a large patch of black-ice). All the fields are flooded (including the one next to our house) and I really am sick of it all.

But I feel guilty complaining. Just looking at the terrible situation in Australia makes me feel glad I'm cold.

The cake this week is, well see if you can guess...

Porsche. Did you get it right? And the recipient chose the colour. Anyone ever seen a Porsche this colour?

Knitting news is almost non-existent. The next lot of Mystery Blanket squares have arrived - one is done but the other 4 are still not even on the needles. I am hoping that half term will bring more time to knit. I am also beginning to feel that I really want to make a pair of socks. This does not often happen. I love sock yarn and have plenty of it. I love sock books and have plenty of them. I even have some waiting on my Ravelry queue. But I don't actually like knitting socks. For something so small, they seem to take a very long time. Usually in the region of months. Please, Sussex Yorkie, send me some of your Fast Knitting Sock vibes.

And I suppose I really ought to get on with my second mitten before summer starts. Oh yeah, ha ha, bloody ha.


trashalou said...

Toe up there Missus (hahahaha! Sock knitting joke ;-)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Strangely enough I have actually re-started my third sock this evening! Don't know how long I'll keep going though as I am definitely out of the habit of playing with such thin needles!

Fab cake by the way!

Lucy x

Penny said...

I know what you mean about socks taking ages. I think if you knit while commuting they are good, but otherwise they seem to go on for ever.

Like the snow, which is also going on forever.

Anonymous said...

Vibes coming through now, I have been slightly distracted by a blanket this week. Mittens, well I have the kit. You seem to have been pretty busy to me, knitting or not. Could say chill but that might make you curse! x

Moogsmum said... you've done it....I'm going to have to pick my neglected sock knitting up again. Maybe we should have a knit-along to get them done!!

That cake is incredible! You are very clever y'know :-)

I'd quite like spring to start now too.


Mary deB said...

I'm in Toronto and we have spent months shovelling the snow off the sidewalk into huge piles in the front yard. Now it is pouring rain, so we have giant puddles -- the road drains are sometimes clogged with last fall's leaves under ice. Let's all register a complaint about this season!

Kitty said...

Yep, me too. Fed up that is. Not wanting to knit a sock. It's quite greedy of Locket to be doing 3 don't you think? Most of us only need 2.

We still have compacted ice on the ground. Floods everywhere. It's pants isn't it? Utter pants.


beanz said...

I'm with you on socks. I love sock yarns, but find knitting them slow going.
One of these days I'll try the magic loop, see if that is better than all those little dpns.
Oh and I've only just started my February blanket squares - as it is half term I have time to concentrate.