Friday, February 27, 2009


Now this is a tough one. Even my mum thinks so.

The March Mystery Blanket package arrived today. Not much yarn this time - have loads left over from the previous months' - but there are sequins. I have never used sequins before in knitting and am very keen to have a go. So do I start making my March squares?

The ever perfect Dee at Posh Yarn recognised my problem over not having enough yarn for the Sock Pattern To End All Sock Patterns, and sent me this fabulous yarn. So do I start making these socks? (It seems impolite not to cast on immediately!)

As I have previously mentioned, I have already cast on another sock as part of my Startitis Sock Club. Here it is. Very pretty, but not really enjoying this yarn - it's silk and cashmere I think and doesn't give or stretch at all. But it is lovely when knitted up. So do I finish this sock?

Decisions, decisions, help me please!


duraknit said...

Michaela, I've neglected to tell you how much I'm enjoying your Startitis Sock Club -- giving it a name and making it official makes my bad behavior seem much less troublesome!

And yes, finish those zigzag socks. You will love them. If you don't, your mother certainly will.

--Elizabeth D

Allitrya Spelling said...

1. Sequins are fun, and if it's startitis you're after, start the square. Then again, it's not March quite yet, so you could always start the sock first. =) As for the silk/cashmere not giving, socks are one place where you *need* a lot of give, and wearing socks that don't stretch might not be too comfortable.

Just my two cents. Have fun, whatever you do. =)

Gina said...

Is there a problem with having all three on the go at once? Is this where I'm going wrong? I cast on my first sock since joining the Startitis Sock Club... already got a different yarn ready for the second one ;)

Kitty said...

Can't knit a sock to save my life, but you've made me feel so much better about having curtains, cushions, monkeys and a bag all in various stages of completion! x

Working Mom Knits said...

I'm never afraid to offer opinions/directives:
Today = Posh yarn socks
Tomorrow = Posh yarn socks
Sunday = blanket square
Never = zigzag socks (socks w/out much give are not fun to wear even if they are gorgeous.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Cast on another sock of course!!!!

Moogsmum said...

Posh yarn socks all the way!!!!

Says she, who is so totally anal she can only knit socks in pairs. In my defence yer honour, I have got my next lot of sock wool winking at me from the top of my stash basket....unless I get lucky with Posh on Sunday night...or go shopping at Loop...

Also in my defence, I am crocheting one blanket and quilting another and binding a cot quilt too, all the while thinking of all the other things I have to make right now!


wonderwoman said...

oh my, decisions, decisions! i would just rotate them - do posh ones first, then sequins, etc. but i'm a fine one to talk as sometimes i just look at all i've started and then go and have a cuppa while i decide! or even worse, look at some books and want to start something else!

Probably Jane said...

Ooh -cast on another sock - feels so bad it's good!

Rhiannon said...

I vote for the blanket as it is now officially march - especially as i want to know how this blanket is going to turn out!
ps. my word-v was 'puzzl' which this seems to be!