Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oh, Saturday Pudding if you insist.

Let's get this over with quickly shall we? Saturday Pudding - creme caramel with strawberries and oranges. Right, there's that little formality over and done with isn't it?

Because here is the exciting news. The Sock. Not just any sock, oh no, The Posh Poppy Sock.

I know there isn't much progress for 2 days knitting, but please bear in mind that you cast on 145 stitches, then decrease straight away, then that bobble row - oh that bobble row - took over 2 hours to knit. It would not have taken quite so long if I had knitted instead of purled half of the time and if the light had been better. But would you just look at it? I am in love with my new sock. This pattern is free people - come on, someone else join me on this quest will you? It is brilliant, I am loving it so much, but it is a bit lonely all by myself.

Come on Sussex Yorkie, put the spinning wheel down for a few days (OK, weeks!) - you really do need a pair of these socks! Locket? Mrs Moog? Trashy? Dee? Kitty? WMK? Anyone? Please?

But as it is March 1st (Happy St David's Day) and officially I can knit the next lot of Mystery Blanket squares, I must curb my enthusiasm for socks and play at squares instead. Somewhat begrudgingly so, it has to be said.

And why do my family need feeding? Why do they need clean clothes? Why do they need ironed clothes and a clean bathroom? Why does the hoovering need doing and the dishes need washing. Why must I go to work tomorrow? Why must I waste 7 hours valuable knittng time fast asleep in my bed? All these distractions are not good for the knitting.

And on the subject of distractions, have you been over here yet? Jelly Belly, Jelly Brain is having a give away of a very beautiful watch. If you win, you even get to choose what colour your watch will be (providing it's not gold, Mrs JB has run out of gold watches!)


Merry Mog said...

Well Thank you. I was waiting for pudding! And Dydd Gwyl Dewi Dedwydd to you too!! Is there a very simple first timer free sock pattern out there. I feel the urge to join you but have only ever knit those little Christmas tree Decorations and they always come in singles!

wonderwoman said...

wow both the pudding and the sock look amazing - i'm with merry mog - can you recommend a really simple, first time, sock pattern?


marit said...

LOL! All that stuff interfering with knitting is utterly annoying;-)
That pudding looks delicious!!!
Exiting sock pattern- where did you find it?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous start to those socks, I need to knit those like I need a hole in the head! Haven't I mentioned patience to you before? There may be some socks from that book on the needles aswell, just 3 pairs, your startitus is contagious.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Waaaaaaay too complicated for me I'm afraid! But I'm very excited today because I almost did Kitchener stitch!!!!


Me x

Kitty said...

Are you mad? You would NOT want to let me loose on a pattern like that. Crikey, there would be knots and holes and all manner of horrendous things happening within seconds of those 145 stitches being on the needles. And that's another thing - I spy more than 2 needles there!

No, I shall sit back, with my fingers up a monkey's bottom, and admire your work instead. That's much better.


Gina said...

Stunning though that sock is, at two hours for one row I won't be joining you!

duraknit said...

Dear Ms. Stash,

Please, oh please, reveal the source of the free pattern!! Must have it!! And googling for "posh poppy sock" reveals nothing. . .

Elizabeth in Pennsylvania, where we are expecting 10 inches of snow overnight!

Moogsmum said...

You rushed past that incredible looking pudding and I've just had to go back for second and third looks! What recipe did you use? My lot love creme caramel.

As for the poppy socks. Although, I don't feel ready to attempt anything that ambitious sockwise just yet, I do promise I'll put them on my 'I want to make some of these' list!

Now then, here's a thing. You DO need sleep. Unfortunately, you do need to go to work. However, the rest of the time should really be yours and yours alone for knitting. Dirty clothes and beans on toast for a week or so will not kill them!! In fact, it will build up there immunity to be unhygienic ;-)


Marie said...

I'd love to join you....but I'm only just plucking up the courage to try my first sock, so I suspect the bobbles might be a bit ambitions. I'm breaking out in a cold sweat just looking at them!