Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Pudding

Following the dreadful state of Saturday puddings over the past few weeks (ie non existent!) have a Sunday Pudding instead. This is a chocolate ripple cheesecake made by my mum. All I need say about this is that it tasted even better than it looked. And it looks mighty fine don't you think?

I've been knitting mystery blanket squares for the past few days - a slow process because as soon as I seem to sit down in the evenings lately, I just fall fast asleep. Not conducive to a good night's knitting!

I have decided that despite this being The Year Of The Sock, I am going to have to have a month off during April. It will be The Month Of The Blanket. I have lots of felted jumpers awaiting transformation - those very nice people at Lands End have sent me another big box full of non usable jumpers. I now have mountains of jumpers! I have promised them that I will not use them for personal gain and all things made will be used for charity. Quite looking forward to this particular challenge - some lovely colours have turned up recently. Must do this while Mr Stressy is out at work though. The fluff reaches dangerous levels when cutting out!

There are still the outstanding St Dunstan's blankets too. Typical of me that as the weather improves, my thoughts turn to blankets!


wonderwoman said...

mmmm that pudding looks mouthwateringly good! hope you had a lovely day.


trashalou said...

ooo what a yummy looking pudding!

Looking forward to seeing more chariddee blankets/

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Yummy pudding - where's my slice????

Lucy x

Kitty said...

Oh wow that is a wholly impressive pudding. Good to know it tasted even better than it looks.

Can't wait to see your blankets. I love your blankets.


Rhiannon said...

that pudding looks very scrummy indeed

wish the weather hadn't turned back to unnice again....(or has your part of the country managed to avoid today's crazy rain fall?)

ps. you should definately be making blankets, as my word-v is 'rustic' and what is more rustic than a beautiful handmade blanket? (ok so i'm stretching it a little, but I was just impressed to have an actual real word rather than garbled nonsense!)

silverpebble said...

Now THAT is fancy pud. The year of the sock? Sounds about right!