Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last Chance

Did you donate or pledge something last night on comic Relief that you haven't already declared? If so let me know very very quickly! My mother-in-law is coming to stay later on today so I'm charging round the house like a loony trying to tidy up. Just as soon as I've finished I'll be drawing the raffle. And just in case you're interested, I've written out over 300 tickets, so well done you! And thank you.



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

WOW! 300 tickets? That's fab! Well done Michaela!

Locket xxx

wonderwoman said...

wahoo - thats great! am keeping everything crossed!!!


quinn said...

Well done on the 300 tickets!

And I want everyone to know that you will be welcome to visit the blanket here in New England.

oh, wait a minute. Did that sound a bit cocky? ;)

Alison said...

Hope I'm not too late! I did a jewellery sale at my gym yesterday, we were all raising money for Comic Relief and I've donated a % of my sales, £25.00 in total.

Good luck to everyone and I think you've done a fabulous job with the blanket.

dottycookie said...

I did indeed donate - who on earth could hold out after watching all those films?! I suspect I'm too late for the draw now though ...

300 tickets? That's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Michaela:

I have not come to your blog for some time but reading you this evening brings a smile to my lips.

" I'm charging round the house like a loony trying to tidy up." I love your description and I kind of see myself - but I am not as effective as you are, far from it! ;)

Best regards,