Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have escaped from school (we're in the middle of an Ofsted inspection) because I just had to show you this. Julie is having a little giveaway over here and you could win a pattern to make this egg cosy.

Now I am under no illusions whatsoever that this version made by me is anywhere near as wonderful as the real thing, but it's still really rather cute don't you think? Having finished the knitting of her last night, I needed some toy filling, but what do you know, I didn't have any. Needs must when you're desperate, so I sliced open a cushion and used that! It's not right though, far too springy, so when I make the next one (and oh boy will I be making many more of these) I promise to do it properly and buy the proper stuff.

Maybe tonight I'll get on with the blanket - either the mystery one, or the St Dunstan's one, or maybe finish a sock or maybe even cast on another sock.

I wonder if the Ofsted Inspector would mind if I sat and knitted this afternoon and let the children get on and play. After all, that's the way to make them learn better according to last night's Horizon (which Mr Stressy made me turn off because it was so boring - hmm, bet he wouldn't have said that if the programme had been about cars!)


trashalou said...

Have you ever thought about Valium in Mr. Stressy's portion of saturday pudding?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooh that Trashy is soooo naughty! (but then again it might be a good idea?!)

Love Julie's egg cosy by the way. And I don't see how the Ofsted inspectors could fail to be impressed by you sitting and knitting and letting the children develop some independence!

Locket xxx

Cybèle said...

Ooooh yours is pretty cute too! Will you hold a giveaway too? ;-)
Good luck with Ofsted. Nerve wrecking time.

silverpebble said...

These egg cosies are gorgeous aren't they - yours looks magic to me. I missed that Horizon, but I've just been doing a bit of that - sat with baby in sling letting 3yr old and friend make lovely mess with watering cans.

Ofsted? Ugh.

Kitty said...

Your egg cosy is wonderful - Julie's things are all so 'just right' aren't they?

Couldn't Mr Stressy start a blog about something and go blogging of an evening, leaving you to watch tv?


Working Mom Knits said...

Not sure what Ofsted is but you can tell the inspector that Miss Manners said that knitting while attending a meeting is perfectly acceptable; and much better than talkingon a cell phone ot non-stop checking a blackberry. (I read it on ravelry so it must be true.)

ps: totally obsessing over my sock! Had a hard time coming back to work because I was knitting at lunch.

wonderwoman said...

how cute is that egg cosy!!! hope the ofsted goes ok.


Sarah Knits said...

I followed a link from Working Mom who knits and then I followed a link and bought said bunny pattern! I can't remember who I caught the startitus bug from but it is bad. Thank you for showing us your bunny!