Sunday, March 15, 2009


Postie has been very good to me this week. Look at what he brought yesterday - a box all the way from America with 10 beautifully knitted squares inside, a bag of chocolates (soooo delicious!) and a very pretty butterfly card. Thank-you so much Pink Sky. I really must get round to doing the final squares blanket for St Dunstan's. I'm so slow though - seem to have started one too many projects as ever!

Postie also dropped this round for me - he knows not to bring yarn round when Mr Stressy is at home, just to save my marriage!!! This is Charlotte (Posh Yarn of course) in Will O'Wisp - such an aptly given name. Will be casting on a sock fairly soon with that one! The photo does not do it justice - lovely subtle colours, so, so gorgeous.

But look here at this will you. The first Posh Poppy Sock has been done. I had to change the toe (it would have been an inch longer if I'd followed the instructions) but I love it so much. The pattern is bonkers. Stark staring bonkers. I love the bobbles, I love the 'poppies', I love the top ribbing, the line round the heel, the fancy heel, the thick chequerboard sole, the mad toes... it's great! Fits well too - I went up a size with the needles, which may be why the foot was long, but smaller needles would have made it too tight.

Anyway, for now, I just intend to admire the sock. It will not be getting a partner for quite some time. I have 5 Mystery Blanket squares to do this month - very quickly before the next month's squares turn up!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

OH that is a VERY posh sock! Soooo clever! I hope to see you hopping around modelling it in all it's solo-glory someday!

Locket xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

please turn that it's into an "its" for me - my grammar is tired after a long day!

trashalou said...

Oh my! That is some definite workage involved in that sock. I am silent in my awe and admiration (kind of ;-)

What a terribly accommodating postie you have. Is he handsome as well?

kleinzonnetje said...

Love the sock! But I do think I have you to blame for my recent Posh Yarns discovery and purchases - I never knew it existed before reading your blog!

quinn said...

That sock is like an entirely different species to the socks I knit! Very impressive job, Michaela!

marit said...

I HAVE to knit those socks! Love your choice of colour! I did some shopping for yarn...but it wasn' quite right-so I need to look for something else-LOL!

Very nice postman indeed;-)

Working Mom Knits said...

Socks? Consolation prize for one who has had her hopes dash'd by Elder Son's selecting the wrong slip of paper?

Pink Sky said...

The sock turned out lovely! I'm always so amazed at your knitting!

I'm so glad the squares and chocolates made it! Our temperatures are starting to get warm and I didn't want you to get melted chocolates in the post. :)