Sunday, March 29, 2009

In which we talk about gin, dancing and puddings.

I went out last night. I actually had a social life. With people, real live people. No children. It was so exciting that I forgot that I was teetotal.

I have now decided that I am not teetotal after all. Drank copious quantities of gin. Got somewhat squiffy, so squiffy in fact that I danced. Me. I don't do dancing.

When I woke up this morning, it was to find that I was quite clear headed. No head ache at all. Didn't want much to eat, but that won't do me any harm. All in all, a good night out with the girlies from work.

I wore my Forest Canopy shawl last night and decided that it needed re-blocking. I don't do conventional blocking - don't know how to and don't have any of those big wires, so I used a duvet cover that looks like graph paper and a big box of pins. It looks a whole lot better now...

...and such pretty colours...

... that I think I need to go out again, just to confirm that I really am not teetotal.

And in case you thought I'd forgotten again, here's Sunday Pudding (Saturday's got eaten before I could take the photo). Blackberry and apple grunt - good old Nigella!


trasha said...

Ooo you old lush you!

Your night out sounds so much better than mine. I only danced once and spent most of the night wondering if it was legal to sell at least one of my children.

btw - your puddings grunt? We do not have talking food up here on the hill.

quinn said...

Your shawl is lovely! The close-up raised an immediate "oooooh!"

Can't remember my last night out, but yours sounds such fun I'm tempted to organize one :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm Gin. All that effort to re-block that lovely Forest Canopy indeed calls for another outing.

wonderwoman said...

your shawl is beautiful! and your pud looks yum!
does you good to have a night out with lots of alcohol! lucky you not to have a hangover - i always end up with a banging headache!


Ali said...

Would take much much more than gin to get me dancing. I think the last time I danced was at my wedding. Thank goodness.

Gin on the other hand, is a thoroughly good thing. As is a night out.

Kitty said...

You didn't even slur your typing! I'm so impressed. I fear I'm a complete lightweight now - gone are the days of my getting pished and making a complete and utter pillock of myself. Well, I still do the latter, I just don't do the pished bit.


Marie said...

Sounds like a fab night out.

You're braver than me with the gin though - I really can't drink the stuff. I always end up a blubbering wreck. I think I'm the archetype of why the call it "Mother's ruin" ;)


Moogsmum said...

Blimey - getting sozzled on gin is one heck of a way to find out you're not teetotal!
Sounds like a grand night out and now that the beautiful shawl has received another blocking, it is quite essential that you repeat the experience - just to check that you're not teetotal, of course ;-)


p.s. lovely pud. Does the grunting make it taste even better?