Friday, April 3, 2009


Now you all know that I adore Posh Yarn don't you? Yes you do, and if you have yet to discover it, I can only suggest you go over here right now and take a look for yourself. Their colours are stunning, words cannot describe how truly beautiful it is. I have used a lot of their yarn and have yet to find one that is less than perfect, a dream to knit with and oh such a delight to wear. Admittedly it isn't cheap, but believe me, it's worth every penny. And let's face it, if you're spending hours and hours knitting something, you want it to be good don't you?

Look what arrived today. 5 Skeins of Posh Helena. It is the start of a project which I have yet to tell you about.

In September 2010, it will be mum and dad's Golden Wedding and I have decided to make them a blanket. I shall be trying to amass lots more yarn - some cream (undyed) a little bit of green and a little bit of pale blue and more yellow/gold. The blanket will be based on Debbie Abrahams' Flower Power, with a few 'me' squares added for good measure. (Hmm, mental note to self, don't recall seeing this blog before - looks interesting)

We have a very good bead shop nearby, so I'll be heading off there in the very near future in search of gold beads.

This is, after all, the month of the Blanket.

And just because I don't want you to think I've been doing nothing all week, have a pudding. I know. Friday pudding indeed. Oh I'm so good to you.

This is a strawberry and white chocolate meringue roulade. The meringue is a bit chewy and slides down a treat. Mr Stressy is most upset because this pudding is going out with me tonight (twice in a week - makes up for staying in for the past 14 or so years!) - we are having a celebratory evening tonight because of our Ofsted Inspection.

I have told you about that haven't I? No? OK then, time to gloat. We were classed as Outstanding! It is now official. We are brilliant! (But then I knew that anyway!)


Rhiannon said...

Nice pudding :D

I've just started my first ever blanket, although it is very much less posh than yours, both in terms of pattern and yarn choice! (though on a student budget can you blame me? :P)

I'm making mine using squares based on a dishcloth pattern I find that I changed a little and made more.... rectangular!

Good luck with yours, I'm sure it will be finished well before mine, but rest assured now I know you're blanketing as well you may get called on as a valuble resource :P

Happy month of the blanket

Kitty said...

Wow ... congratulations on the brilliant OFSTED - no wonder you're off out to celebrate.

I'm sure your blanket will be absolutely stunning - can't wait to see it as you make it.


Kathryn said...

Warren says 'Mmmm, Viennetta! My favourite!' Shall I hit him for you?

Hope you all have a fantastic time - much love from us.


silverpebble said...

Great big congratulations! That pud looks pretty blommin' outstanding too. Lawks x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That's my pudding! GIVE IT BACK!!!!!

Congratulations on your Ofsted report!

And what a fab idea for a Golden Wedding present - I think it's my parents' Golden anniversary next year too!

Lucy x

Ali said...

Now, that does call for a celebration! OFSTED and a Golden Wedding equally.

wonderwoman said...

yummm - lovely pudding! i agree with you on the wool - i think i'm bit of a wool snob!!!