Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scarlett's cake

Now before you wonder what on earth this little creature is on top of the cake, let me enlighten you . It's Scarlett's Bunny - she takes it everywhere with her apparently. It is already looking very well loved in real life!

I can't bear plain sides on a cake. Even when decoration is minimal, you just have to put something on the sides please! This worked out really well, very easy and quite pretty - little yellow flowers joined by a string of pearls. I'll be using this idea again methinks!

Continuing with the bunny theme, I've just completed another bunny egg cosy. This one is heading off to my auntie. I think she'll like it, well, I know she likes boiled eggs, so I'm sure she'd like them kept warm!

It has occurred to me that despite this being the Month Of The Blanket, I haven't done any blankets. Oops. I've been a little busy with other things (like hats and bunnies and cakes). And neither have I cast on another sock. Dare I tell you that 4 (!) skeins of Posh yarn arrived earlier this week? All sock yarn too. I am so bad, so very bad. And so very keen to cast on one of several socks (am I the only person in the world not to have knitted these? Not for much longer I'm not! They are in 8818 projects and in over 4000 queues)


Rhiannon said...

On the grounds I've never made a sock,you aren't alone!

Love the bunny cake, its so nice and she is one lucky little girl

trashalou said...

Loving your pearlwork Missus. I can't decide whether I love the monkey socks or not.

quinn said...

Oooh, love the cake and the pearls and posies on the sides are just right! What a nice touch.

I thought maybe "I" was the last knitter in the world to cast on for monkeys, but apparently not ;) I made the purl-free version, and was pleased enough with the results that I gave them to a dear friend in Canada who says she wears them all the most successful knitted gift to date!

Have fun :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a beautiful cake! But more sock patterns??? You're mad!

Locket xxx

marit said...

Why couldn't you live a bit closer so you could make ME a cake too??? mine looks like a bomb has been dropped on them...Scarlett's cake is just gorgeous!!!

Monkeys? I'm not knitting those- there are too many other patterns out there!

Now I'm off to check the sheep one last time tonight- we've got 21 lambs from 10 sheep in 5 days...BAAAHHHH

wonderwoman said...

what an amazing cake - almost too nice to eat, almost!
love your egg cosy. talking about socks have to admit i frogged mine! but good news is am going to start again with trashys help!


pink sky said...

What a pretty cake. :)

The cozies look like fun to make. :) I started knitting a monkey but got stuck and didn't finish it. I really ought to dust it off and see if I can still make heads and tails of the parts.