Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm not going to bore you with all of my birthday presents (cos there were sooo many.... yeah, as if!) but I just have a very memorable few to show you.

First up is this rather delicious bag from mum and dad (they also bought me a fab cardi which matches this very well). It looks a bit tan like in the photo, but really it's a very lovely soft orange. Orange is my new best colour (I don't do black, or grey and rarely brown, I do colours!)

Next we have a knitted cup and saucer from Kathryn. This is so cool, so beautifully knitted and so wonderfully pointless that I love it! Mr Stressy looked at it and raised his eyebrows. He just doesn't understand!

I broke a personal vow never to buy Colinette again. But on our way to Wales, we pass their factory shop and Mr Stressy said, go in and buy something from the boys, so of course I did! Stubborn I may be, but not that stubborn! Again showing how little he knows about the world of knitting, he felt that £20 ought to buy me enough yarn for a jumper at least.

Haven't decided on a pattern yet, but am liking the idea of more patterned socks along the lines of the Poppy ones. What do you think of (all rav links) these, these, these, or even these or maybe I just couldn't be bothered and will stick to one colour, one sock.

This, again from Kathryn - the writing is small so I'll translate:-

The Power Of Cake

To Be Said in a MAD Voice

CAKE is your FRIEND, I mean,
I know you have OTHER friends
- REAL friends but, hey, CAKE...
...mmm... CAKE!! CAKE!!!

And now CALMER

Eat cake. But do NOT eat your friends

Kathryn knows me too well!

And finally for today, I have cast on another sock. This is a Monkey in Posh's Emily. How could you not love this sock Trashy? I have one very, very large concern though. I'm pretty sure I won't have enough yarn. I've made the leg shorter, but I am still worried. Looks like I really will be wearing odd socks here! (Have just checked on the pattern and the yardage - seems like I will be about 100 yards short! Ooops!)

Well tonight I must get on with a cake, with little or even no knitting taking place. Bum. Life is just not fair!


wonderwoman said...

oh my! i am in awe of your socky wonderousness!!! i just love the cup and saucer its brilliant!!! i don't think my hubby would get it either!!! hope you had a lovely birthday - many happy returns!!!


marit said...

Love the sock! You could knit the toe in some other yarn...

I really like the Seriously Southwestern Sock! It looks like a fun knit.

Fun cup and saucer- but hubby wouldn't get it either;-)

Gina said...

How could you just cast that on today and have knitted so much... where am I going wrong?! Lovely sock... hope your birthday was fabulous! The cup and saucer is great.
ps word verification is Salsa... I think you need to dance on your birthday

Daisie said...

I now need a knitted cup and saucer, I knew there was somehting missing in my life. Off to google it now and see if I can hunt down a pattern!!

Glad you got so many yummy goodies for your special day!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooh nice pressies! And the new sock is seriously lovely! I need you to come up and visit me and teach me how to do clever stuff like that. I tried to do a very simple yarn over lace pattern yesterday and it was rubbish. Poo.

Lucy x

Working Mom Knits said...

As soon as I saw the cup and saucer I though of the looks TLG would shoot my way if I had that show up - he and Mr. Stressy seem to be on the same wave length!

ps: what's up with no Collinete buying? Have I missed something?

Kitty said...

Fab bag, gorgeous cup and saucer, and wonderful card. I am a huge fan of Edward Monkton - I have his designs on my iGoogle homepage :-D

That new sock is seriously yummy. Couldn't you get more yarn to enable you to complete the other sock? Or am I being hopeless ignorant?


trasha said...

i am still in two minds about that ole monkey sock. It is kind of like the owning of a 'Brothers In Arms' (Dire Straits) t-shirt in 1988 - just sooooooooooo many of then around.

sharon said...

Love the sock - can you unpick the heel and then knit the heel and toe in a plain colour hopefully freeing up enough patterned yarn to complete the pair? I did this to stretch some yummy patterned yarn that I didn't have enough of and it looked great.

Kylie said...

Happy Birthday for the other week. LOL at Mr Stressy ad his up turned eye brows at the saucer and cup set - men they just dont get it.

love the sock wool - I would be more inclined to knit something in a solid colour - but the fish socks are super cute.

What a pitty about the monkey sock and not having enough wool. Could you frog back and do the heel and toe section in a matching colour way (just a thought)

Happy Birthday again and go and eat CAKE!

sharon said...

the fish socks are perfect!!!
lovely gifts too!