Monday, April 6, 2009

Never again...

... will I take my 2 children shopping together. I foolishly thought they would enjoy it, after all, I was going to be buying clothes for them and not me. They usually enjoy shopping for themselves - though hate it when I look at things for me. It took moments before there were squabbles in the car. So for punishment I told them that my first stop would be the knitting department of John Lewis. Not, as it turned out, one of my better moves!

Eventually we went to their shops and bought bags full of stuff (none of this was achieved without arguments) then I took them out for lunch thinking that would improve the mood. And as soon as we had lunch they started again. Arguing, tripping each other up, shoving, pushing, generally being those nightmare children that you see other mothers struggling with. They are, let me remind you, 9 and 14!!!!!

By this time, my stress levels were on a par with Mr Stressy's (thank God he was at work though, he would have been arrested for murder had he been with us). To calm down, I headed back to John Lewis, deposited youngest son - who complained to anyone who would listen that his feet hurt - on some comfy chairs and looked round the ladies clothing department. I had long since stopped talking to eldest son, letting him peruse a sports shop. I tried on lots of clothes, bought lots of clothes (gulp, had guilt trip about that) and was much calmer. So it was then back to the car and come home.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I got lost on the way there and on the way back - my sense of direction is so very, very bad.

I needed chocolate and tea on my return. Then I had to decorate a cake - youngest son is going to a party tomorrow (ha, bet his feet won't ache there!) so I've made a cake for a birthday present. Not all the sweets ended up on the cake. Many of them went in my mouth.


quinn said...

Well done, you! I would have needed someone to bake ME a cake after such an exhausting venture.
Hope you found something lovely in the knitting dept!

marit said...

I know the feeling...I have four, boys 16 and 15, girls 13 and 11, and they seem to be fighting and fidgeting all the time! Hubby always used earplugs in the car!

Lovely cake- what a great present!

Rhiannon said...

My parents learnt long ago not to combine me and my brother for big amounts of time - changed a bit now I don't live at home, but its still there.

I'm just impressed you managed to bake an amazing cake after a day of stressifying children!


Ali said...

I refuse to take my offspring shopping. Ever. They'll still be wearing clothing selected by their mother (alone) aged 18 at this rate.

Chocolate seems a small reward for such efforts!

Kitty said...

I am SO pleased this happens to other people. Mine are 12 and 8 ... sometimes they're great, sometimes they're just as you describe. It's as though they just can't resist winding one another up, and it gets me so cross!

That cakes looks super-scrummy.

Hope you have a brilliant holiday and that the weather people turn out to have got it very wrong!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh crumbs! It sounds like a nightmare outing! Not surprised you went for the chocolate and tea option when you got back - but very surprised that ANY sweets ended up on the cake at all!

Lucy x