Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Finished Project!!!

Well I promised you knitting news today - and here it is. Look at what got made in Wales.

The second Posh Poppy Sock was started

The pink Hipknits sock got finished

And a whole pair of socks got done too. Well, really it was only the second sock, the first having been done ages ago, but at least I now have a pair. (That's eldest son modelling the socks, my legs are oh so much bigger than that!) I love this green pair, so soft and comfy.

But look what else I found. Went for a coffee in a little tea shop in Barmouth and found some knitting patterns for sale. There was a teddy and a couple of hats and a little dinosaur. He needed 60g of Noro Kureyon, and I just happened to have a bit of Silk Garden left over from Rosedale, so of course I just had to buy the pattern.

Meet Stig The Stegosaurus everyone. I now want to make a whole family of Stigs using different yarns. He was great fun to knit, lots of separate pieces which ingeniously came together at the end. Patterns can be found by contacting Amanda over here.

But for now it's back to the Month Of The Blanket. No more Stegosauruses (Stegosauri?) just yet.


Rhiannon said...

oooooo - finished stuff :D

I want a stegosaurus please :) His name will be Spikey and he will eat cheese. Well, that or I could sponsor the first one but without actually paying any of the maintenance stuff that you have to do when you sponsor a panda or a polar bear or something
(this might have got a bit rambley... sorry :P)


wonderwoman said...

fantastic socks!!!! and i love your little monster - i mean the knitted one!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

A very fabulous stegosaurus Michaela! And great sock knitterage too! Lucy x

P.S.My word verification today is bibble - my brother's favourite nonsense word!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous pet. Think the green socks are my faves too, I am still in awe of the poppy ones.

marit said...

Love your poppy socks- the colours are just great! The other socks are fab too! Looks like you had a very nice vacation;-)
Stig is so cute!!!

Kitty said...

I totally *heart* those green socks. They are giving me come hither looks. My feet covet them with something approaching longing. Just gorgeous.

I do so admire your knittage - all lovely. Can't wait to see more stegasauri!


Karen Lizzie said...

I adore your stegasaurus, but am a bit confused! I hastened over to your link and found Bears United which offered a Horace pattern and a lovely hat pattern but no mention of a stegasaurus! Is he hidden within the pages of the Horace pattern or have I got entirely the wrong end of the stick?

I think you should now make a stegasaurus cake too!