Thursday, April 30, 2009

Startitis Sock Club

What is a girl to do?

The second Posh Poppy Sock is this much completed

The second Monkey remains unstarted, as does the second Zig Zag Anklet.

But honestly, no, HONESTLY, could you leave this lying around loitering in the Stash Basket? Every time you walk past, it calls to you, pleads to you, begs you to let it grow up into the sock for which it was destined?

This is Posh Yarn's Laura in 'Homecoming Queen' and is the closest thing to perfection you are ever likely to find. Believe me, I know! I was all set to make this, then came across this pattern instead. I love the fancy top. I love the fancy rib, the clever decreasing to disguise the gusset.

I will be casting on tonight. After all, the founder member of The Startitis Sock Club must have plenty of socks on the go mustn't she?


wonderwoman said...

oh wow, that yarn looks gorgeous, no wonder you can't wait to use it!!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant choice but will you stop coming up with these ideas my queue is getting ever longer! I've just finished some Brainless in Laura its sooo soft.

Kitty said...

You are a fine example Michaela, of a Startitis Icon. No wonder you have disciples.

That yarn is seriously gorgeous. I'd definitely drool a little in its presence. Can't wait to see it knitted.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Brilliant role model behaviour Michaela! We bow to your leadership!

Locket xxx

Working Mom Knits said...

Oh my dar, I completely agree - Ensnared is the way to go!

Sarah Knits said...

Alas I am a fully subscribed member to that one! At least 3 socks are on the needles most of the time - sometimes 4 if I use my circular needle! I love the second pattern more than the first I think! Look forward to seeing you start it soon ;)

Moogsmum said...

Oh my - you are the Startitis Queen! Gorgeous yarn and I love the pattern.
I'm about to turn the heel on my next sock but have got a very bad case of stopitis!
Maybe getting off the computer would help?!