Friday, May 1, 2009

Whisper this one please!

On Sunday night a lady phoned me to ask for a cake with a Mexican Theme. Amazing the difference a few hours can make isn't it? We are all now being bombarded with Mexico for all the very wrong reasons. It is, in my very humble opinion, scare-mongering. You can all e-mail me in a few weeks saying that I was wrong, but really, am I the only one who feels like this? Well, me and Terry Wogan anyway!

But I digress. This is what I've come up with for Mexico - the lady came up with the colour scheme, the rest is all me.

What do you think? I resisted the temptation to do little pigs, face masks and anti-viral capsules! (I don't want to belittle the serious nature of swine fever by the way, it is obviously very serious if you catch it, but how many people in the world have heart disease? Cancer? Malaria? The list goes on...)

And just in case you wondered, I have in deed cast on Ensnared. All the knit stitches are knit into the back - it is likely to take a very long time! But it's already so pretty, at only 5 rounds long!


MLJ1954 said...

Love the cake! You are very clever.

I agree that it is indeed scare-mongering.

Gina said...

Couldn't agree more!

wonderwoman said...

i agree with you, the papers just seem to want to scare everyone instead of reporting on the facts as they stand!!!
loving the cake!!!
i bet that sock turns out fantastic - they usually are!!


Kitty said...

Even my drama queen daughter said 'it's just like Bird Flu, and SARS!'

The cake is wonderful. x

Working Mom Knits said...

Love the cake - though I would have wanted one with the flu theme!

ps: TOTALLY with you re the media attention this this "pandemic"!

Anonymous said...

I'm all with you too. Luckily I dont have time to follow the media all day. However I guess the Danish media is more relaxed about the situation than in UK..
That cake is beautifull - Love your interpretation of a mexical theme. By the way, the mexicans have a fab. birthday cake, based on 3 kinds of milk. Very soggy though and not suitable for fancy decoration.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Brilliant cake Your Majesty.

But you are right - there is far too much scaremongering going on and as Queen you should be doing your best to stop it pronto.

Locket xxx

marit said...

LOVE the cake!

trashalou said...

i tried to leave a comment some many hours ago when I first woke up but it was long, rambling and somewhat disjointed so.... let me a) agree
b) tell you how fed up I am with hearing my children roll their eyes as I scream at the newsreader's hyperbole during each news update!

Rhiannon said...

Love the cake :D

As for the media, frankly if I hear one more scare story about swine flu I may well scream - as the lovely said, its just a case of them getting fed up with reporting about the recession (which in turn was largely a result of media over-reaction) and picking something new to obsess over