Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A first time for everything...

Every spare moment spent not ironing, cooking, hoovering, dusting (yeah right!) or making blankets this week has been spent knitting this sock. Ensnared in Posh Yarn's Laura.

Once I got the hang of the pattern, it was actually OK and I could manage it. But - and there is a very big BUT.... I tried it on. It appears to be one of those patterns made for teeny weeny feet. I should have known really - I usually do 64 stitches on 2.75mm needles. This one (and I'd already gone up a needle size) called for 60 stitches on 2.25mm.

But the pattern said it was a very stretchy sock and would fit. It did not. It was so tight round the ankle that I could see the stitch marks on my skin. Uncomfortable to say the least. I even got the children to try it on - too tight for them as well.

So there's only one thing for it. Frog it.

I don't frog - ever - as a rule, but there always has to be a first time. This yarn is too perfect to leave languishing in the unfinished box.

I suspect I will also have to take down the heel flap, but it has caused too much upset already for one day. Perhaps I'll just stick to blankets - I have a great many to do.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'll finish off the Posh Poppy Sock which has now been ignored for a few weeks. What do you think?

But wasn't I brave? I am so proud of myself that I may well frog a whole lot more stuff!


silverpebble said...

Your foot's looking a little, erm, how shall I say this? Wooden. Perhaps a moisturiser?

Excellent sockadoodle


Kathryn said...

I'm so proud of you, frogging something! Just don't get carried away and frog everything in sight.

'Hello 'Chaela!' That's from Evie!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm so sorry! I was going to leave you a relevant comment about your post but then I read Silverpebble's comment and just can't stop laughing! Lucy x

P.S. My word verification for today is "mismangl" - sounds like what you had to do with that there sock!

trashalou said...

You have a basket of U.F.O.s? All that lovely yarn just languishing there in a woven container - you should frog more, it is very therapeutic and good for the soul.

So spaketh thet Queen of Curly String.

wonderwoman said...

yep frogging can get quite addictive!!!!


marit said...

I hate frogging! But I do it frequently anyway...only socks that are too small for me, usually goes to the kids or into the giftbasket!

I think the poppies would be happy to be finished now, don't you? I really need to take a photo of mine...

Kitty said...

Awww, I'm sorry you had to frog :-( But as you say, it is very beautiful yarn. Worth saving.

I say finish the poppy sock - that is very beautiful too.


Sarah Knits said...

What a shame! I never use less than 2.5mm and 60 sts works out ok on my foot (although it is not wooden). That said I have not tried this pattern - it is always sad to have to frog but sometimes it is worth it. Pick those needles straight back up again and cast back on or you will never do it!

Good luck and don't be downhearted - the poppy socks will still be there tommorrow.

sussexyorkie said...

Oh no, thats next on my knit list and I have thick ankles. Can feel my blood pressure rising already. I vote you have a break from socks ;o)