Saturday, May 2, 2009


There has been very little knitting taking place over the last few days. I've been busy doing cakes. This one is for a friend of ours - apparently he wants a model railway for his birthday. Not sure this will last quite as long as a Hornby one though!

It has taken hours to make this one, but I've enjoyed it, I just hope they don't cut it when I'm around. I might cry!

Today is Mr Stressy's birthday. Instead of a proper cake, I got out my new best cook book and decided he could have cupcakes instead! Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes no less. A very unusual recipe and to be honest I didn't think they'd work. But they did. They worked very well in deed.

On closer examination of this book, I have realised that it is not for the dieting or weak hearted people amongst us. Every recipe seems loaded with sugar, butter and frequently chocolate (1.4kg of the stuff in one recipe I liked the look of!) I have now tried 2 things from the book and on both occasions found them a little too sweet for me - and I love sweet things normally. But still, these are only little cakes and maybe you aren't supposed to eat 6 at once.

It's my problem then really. Too greedy. (But as these have strawberries on, they must be healthy right?)


Rhiannon said...

Strawberries are ALWAYS healthy :D

That cake is amazing - how do you have the patience to do them all?


trashalou said...

I did tell you. You were warned about the badness of that book and now here we are with everyone feeling just a little bit bloated and ever so slightly green.

But keep going because honestly, those cookies are something else all together!

quinn said...

That cake is amazing! I wouldn't want to see it cut, either. And if it was for me, I don't know how I cold bear to put a knife to it.

Now the little cheesecakies would be another story, cute as they are...they would disappear very, very quickly :)

I'm curious about the recipe calling for all that chocolate!

Kitty said...

Surely 5 cakes with strawberries on, qualify for your 5 a day?

The train set cake is a work of art - you are such a clever blogger.


wonderwoman said...

your cakes are the stuff of legends!!! amazing - i wouldn't dare cut it!!!
straws are full of vit C so that is a good thing!!!


Mary deB said...

Cakes with strawberries are always good for you. Also, I hear, the cakes or cookies you eat while waiting for the kettle to boil are not half as fattening as the ones you actually eat sitting down properly. Just a rumour, of course...

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Definitely healthy if they have fruit in!

But that railway cake is a complete triumph! I'm not surprised you don't want to be there when they cut it! I don't expect they'll want to be there either! How could they bear to spoil it?

Lucy x

Ali said...

Strawberries=health, without a doubt. And at least one of the six was a sample and therefore does not count.

Chrissy said...

The only comfort is that you've taken photos of your masterpieces. How talented you are!

My children could never bring themselves to eat beautiful edibles. I recall a marzipan cat in a basket that died of mould in the end.

BTW, how do I go about putting a little picture next to my name, like trashalou and the others? (If you have time to tell, please).

Anonymous said...

I may need to talk to you about cakes! Thank your lucky stars we don't live close. x