Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday pudding

Today's pudding has no name. It's one of those made up things that us slop jockeys come out with now and again. Puff pastry case filled with a creme patissiere/ summer fruit/ creamy, yoghurty thing with squiggles of white chocolate round the edge. It went down very well at tea time - so well in fact that it has already been requested again. Anyone got a suggestion for a name?

I will post again very soon with news of my progress on the Big Half Term Must Finish List. You may very well be impressed. Or maybe not!


wonderwoman said...

how about sublime surprise!!


Daisie said...

I do think it looks like a very pretty postage stamp, obviously it couldn't be called a penny black, how about penny pink?

marit said...

Yummy!!!"Pink delight"...?

How are the poppies coming along?

duraknit said...

I think that must be a berry swirl.

And anyone who finished anything, ever, impresses me!

--Elizabeth D (still enjoying and showing off Oliver blanket #1)

silverpebble said...

The white chocolate makes it look like it's sewn - I thought it was an embroidery creation. Applique pud.

Working Mom Knits said...

Fairy Pudding?

Anonymous said...

I bet that tastes fab. It looks lovely, like something pink and lacy that belongs in a boudoir, so how about Boudoir Tart? Though maybe that has other connotations you might not want...!

Kathryn said...

Princess Pudding, well, it does look very girly! You should put edible glitter on it next time to make it ultra girly.

Rhiannon said...

something random, like Derek


Kitty said...

Love Sally's suggestion of 'Boudoir Tart' ... I'm sure I know a woman who has that name.

It looks lovely and fruity and creamy and pastry-y ... but that'd be too long, wouldn't it?

Fruity Puff? That's the pudding, not John Humphries.