Monday, May 25, 2009


Great way to spend a sunny bank holiday. Blocked drains. Normal service will be resumed asap.


quinn said...

Hope it gets sorted quickly and inexpensively!

trashalou said...

Oh! That really is SH*T :-(

Anonymous said...

Oh no. I have unfond memories of a very similar scenario. Fingers crossed you have it solved. x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooops! No fun at all! It must have been that handknitted loo-roll you were test-driving! Lucy x

wonderwoman said...

oh thats a cr-- thing to have happened! hope all sorted now!


Rhiannon said...

how pants :(
I think it must be the time of year as although my drains are fine, are bath has decided not to get rid of water :(

Hope it all gets sorted out asap
ps. somewhat worryingly/ominously, my word v is fesess which sounds a little too like something else for my liking

Kitty said...

Oh blimey ... is it sorted yet? :-O

Hope you manage to get things flowing again very very soon.

Take care. x