Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mystery Blanket

You may remember that I'm doing this years Mystery Blanket Club. Every month a package arrives with yarn, beads and instructions for knitting 5 squares. I've not finished this months yet, but as promised, here is the blanket so far. The photo does not do it justice - had to lay it on my kitchen floor as it was raining outside - but you get the general idea.

It is so very tactile. The beads - and there are lots of them - are so smooth and you just want to stroke them. I have never knitted with beads before, but I have loved the experience. It will not be the last time I use them.

In fact, on that very note, I ordered a few hundred this morning, ready to start on the next blanket. The Golden Wedding one. I have got so many blankets on the go, not to mention socks of course, that I think that maybe next week (half term) I really ought to take stock and try and get a few things finished.

Now hands up everyone who's heard me say that before! Think I'll aim for the Poppy socks, the first Ensnared, the second Monkey, all the felted jumper blankets and all this month's Mystery blanket squares (laugh if you dare!). But at the moment I'm making some Wiggly Bags for Gina. Because I have absolutely nothing else to do.


Sarah Knits said...

So many questions! What are wiggly bags? where did you find the mystery squares club? Have you got more than 24 hours in your particular day and if so where did you get them?

Oh and I tried tasting the rhubarb relish again and I think it could be the cider vinegar that is too strong in mine!

Thank you for being so honest about life!

Rhiannon said...

Wiggly bags sound intriguing
And as for the mystery blanket - wow! I can't wait to see it all come together, even though I'm aware it will be december before that happens!


marit said...

I dare to laugh;-), since I'm not very close at the moment! Your list of to-do's sounds a bit like mine, only I wouldn't share it...LOL!

trashalou said...


Gina said...

Glad to know you've got your priorites right!

Kitty said...

When in doubt, make a Wiggly Bag! Sounds like a splendid idea.

I just love, love, love this blanket you are knitting. It speaks to me. It speaks to me so much I am even half considering having a go at a knitted blanket myself. ;-)


wonderwoman said...

wow the blanket looks amazing already!!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Is that ALL you're planning to do next week? What a slacker! ;o)

Lucy xxxx