Sunday, May 10, 2009

Going Healthy for Saturday Pudding

Now you won't believe this I'm sure, but for once I was being healthy. Normally I go for chocolate, cream, high calorie puddings. You know the sort... just look back, high calories is what puddings were made for!

But not this week.

This time I used FAT-FREE cottage cheese, REDUCED FAT cream cheese, HALF FAT cream, real fresh strawberries and a whole bag of frozen summer fruits. That's got to be my five a day right? Oh, and eggs too. Eggs are good aren't they?

Presenting Summer Fruit Cheesecake.

(I am not thinking about the butter or the biscuits in the base, or even the double cream served with the cheesecake. No way, I was far too busy being smug that I had bought anything labelled as 'fat free'. Watch the pounds fall off!)


silverpebble said...

No lard? No dripping? Chuh! Looks gorgeous Michaela - love the perfect circle of strawbs xx

silverpebble said...

Oh god - the beads - I have an email waiting to send to you. What a woollyhead. Off to remedy that right now x

quinn said...

I was waiting for the part where you say, "And as for the taste? None of us could tell a bit of difference!!!!"


Please, say it.


I'm begging. ;)

wonderwoman said...

oh my!!! lovely pudding and good for you!!! doesn't get any better than that!!!


Rhiannon said...

healthy pudding?!

I think I may need to go and have a lie down at the shock!

(saying that, it does look damned fine!)

dottycookie said...

Yum. Yuuuuum.

I looked at the Hummingnird bakery book yesterday - and please admire my restraint because I didn;t buy it. Even though the lady in the shop told me how fabulous it was.

I know, I must be ill.

Kitty said...

Nom nom nom nom nom <--- sound of me chomping at the it to 'get at' a pudding like that. It looks amazing. And obviously fulfils at least 95% of your daily nutritional needs. At least.


Anonymous said...

I seond Kitty's comments and must admit I too have pounds to shed. I could not resist eatng a slice of this Saturday pudding it if was in front of me although I wonder if the taste matched the luscious look... Please let us know. ;)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh YUMMY!!!! I definitely want some of that! Lucy x