Sunday, April 5, 2009

Month of the Blanket, part 1

This being the Month of the Blanket, I thought I ought to start work on the felted jumpers. So I spent all yesterday afternoon cutting a vast pile of jumpers into 'blanket pieces'. This pile is all that I managed to get done - I have another huge pile yet to be cut up. It's quite time consuming, but they look rather good all stacked up like this don't you think?

From an idea I saw on Mrs Locket's blog ages ago, I decided to play and make a little Christmas Tree, all ready for next December to hang on the tree. I'm pleased with the way it turned out, but it will be easier and quicker next time round I think. How bizarre that as spring has finally arrived here today, I'm thinking of Christmas.

Saturday Pudding actually happened for once as well. Chocolate mousse layered with fromage frais and toffee sauce, topped with grated chocolate and marshmallows. The boys and myself loved it. Mr Stressy did not.

He left most of it and the conversation went thus:-

Me - Oh. Didn't you like that.
Him - No.
Me - Don't mince your words dear.
Him - Well if I said I did like it, you might make it again and I don't want it again.

Mr Stressy has obviously not heard of tact.


Kitty said...

He's one of those 'man of few words' types isn't it? ;-)

The pudding looks fabulous, as do the blanket pieces and the little Christmas tree. Although you made me panic a little - I don't like to even think about the 'C' thing (as I call it) until late October.


Kitty said...

That should, of course, read 'isn't he, NOT isn't it :-O x

Gina said...

I love that "Mr Stressy" conversation... I can just imagine it! Rather unforgivable thinking about Christmas though. If it was me I'd put it somewhere safe, forget about it at Christmas and then find it again next April!

silverpebble said...

Goodness, I'll have his leftovers!

Very very sweet Christmas tree, but really, Michaela, is it not a TEENY bit early? I haven't even got my Eastery stuff out yet! He!

quinn said...

Can't wait to see your next blanket taking shape! But after cutting all those squares, it must have been a pleasure to make something from start-to-finish, and I love the little tree :)

Wish I lived close enough to be invited for tea once in a while...I can promise GREAT enthusiasm for the puddings!!!

Rhiannon said...

ah yes, the 'i have absolutely no tact at all' method!

I'd be half tempted to make it again, and then tell mr. stressy its an attempt to teach him tact!


Marie said...

How could you not love something involving not only chocolate, but also marshmallows??? Mr Stressy is just plain weird ;P

Lovely felted pile of yumminess and that tree is super cute.