Thursday, April 16, 2009


Whilst in Wales, eldest son decided he wanted to buy a hat. One of those ear flappy things that 'they all seem to be wearing nowadays' (how old am I?). Of course he went for the most hideous, most lurid, most acrylic hat he could find. Just awful.

I could make one of those, I rashly promised. So as soon as we got back home, I started scouring Ravelry for a pattern. Hunted around in the Stashbasket for some long forgotten yarn. And hey presto, a much more tasteful hat was born. I had to make a lining for the flaps because they just rolled right up.

He likes it. A miracle. Excuse me while I sit down and recover from the shock.


quinn said...

Nice response to challenge!

And son looks very handsome in the custom version :)

(my word verification: unerd !!!)

Gina said...

Your version is infinitely better... good job he liked it!

duraknit said...

Which pattern is that? I like it. I've used Tiennie's star hat, which works very well (her name plus the word "hat" should provide an adequate search string).

--Elizabeth D in Pennsylvania

Sue said...

It's a wonderful hat, much cooler than his shop-bought version. Lucky, lucky young man. I wonder if my DS would like one - I must ask him!

Kathryn said...

Hat! Like it!

That's what Evie said when she saw the hat. But then she is a girl with taste.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Very cool hat! Much better than the shop bought one!

Lucy x

wonderwoman said...

your hat suits him soo much better and how beautifully made! he is one handsome boy - the girls will be lining up!!!


marit said...

Handsome boy, and the hat you made him looks great! I love it when the kids want to wear something handmade!

Sarah Knits said...

Love the hat - I have a bought one (made of wool I might add) it was a gift from other half and daughter! I wear it loads in the winter whilst walking the dog! Must have a go at making my own! Thanks for the inspiration.

Have made loads of fingerless gloves for the teenagers in our cirle and they love them!

Kylie said...

It looks great - well done - I wonder if the ikky acrylic one will be left for dead and your version be worn more - will be interesting to see.