Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going away

We're off on holiday tomorrow to Wales. The weather forecast does not look good. It's going to rain until at least Saturday apparently. Marvellous. I shall come back some time next week - unless I've dissolved in the water, or grown fins instead of hands and thus can't type.

I hope all of you going on the Big Bloggy Easter Picnic have a great time. How I wish I was coming with you.

Just finished this last cake before Easter. Must now go and iron, pack and tidy the house. Oh how exciting life is at the moment.

Added later. Just wondering what knitting to take with me. Either of the partners to the 2 socks already finished, the sock already started, or a new sock. (Not taking blanket as that would take up too much room in the car...) When answering this question, please bear in mind that I have some wonderful new sock yarn sitting on top of the Stash Basket, lots of new sock patterns I'm itching to try and a severe case of Startitis. Also I am the founder member of the Startitis Sock Club. So choose your answer wisely! Thank-you!


Mary deB said...

A few years ago we had a glorious week in Wales in April! Sunshine, playing on the beach, clambering around castles and sitting in the odd pub... Perhaps you'll have a sudden change in the weather. Oh, and there might be lambs frolicking just for you!

Gina said...

Have a wonderful holiday (sounds like you need it after your shopping trip yesterday - I took youngest to JL knitting dept today!)... and take the new socks!

wonderwoman said...

i agree with Gina - take something new!!! hope you have a lovely time whatever the weather.


sara said...

You know which you are taking already you are just trying to find someone to blame for making the decision. (Take the new stuff)!
Have a great holiday.