Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I love it when children use their phonic knowledge to sound words out, when I saw one child yesterday writing Tuesday as Choosday, I knew that it would never be the same again. Tuesday has been re-christened! I wonder what they're writing today - I'm off poorly as dear old Mr Stressy has given me his bug (did I tell you he was home ill all last week?). I am not pleased about it, but at least it means time at home on my own, sleeping, knitting watching TV. In fact, come to think about it, I am quite pleased. I have also lost my quite considerable appetite, can't even face chocolate. Which means, as my eldest son told me, that I ought to consider going to hospital. Bless!

Kathryn told me about this book, so I thought that I really couldn't do without it. And you know what? I'm not sure any of you can do without it either. It is one of the best cookery books I've seen, if you like cakes, which of course I do. I want to make everything in it. Expect many Saturday Puddings to have a very cakey appearance over the next few months!

I really think that first up will have to be raspberry cheesecake brownies, or black bottom cupcakes ('dark chocolate sponge with a dollop of cheesecake baked into it, topped with cream cheese frosting') or maybe rocky road bars made with mars bars, marshmallows and maltesers.

Ooh, I can feel my appetite returning already!

I had a lovely surprise yesterday from Trashy - a birthday present all wrapped up in very pretty strawberry fabric. The most lovely necklace that everyone in school was very jealous about and some teeny cup cake cases, decorated with even teenier cakes! I am so lucky, thank-you Trashy, you made me feel almost better!

Whilst lying in my sick-bed this morning, I finished off Monkey. I decided to use a different shade for the toe, hoping that I will have enough to do the same on the second sock. It's similar, but different, not too noticeable, but anyway, I'll be wearing shoes! I have weighed the remaining yarn and it seems that I might just scrape by with enough. As much as I love all their sock yarns, I really think that Posh Yarn's Emily is my favourite to knit with. Lambswool, cashmere and angora - what's not to love?

And just in case you thought I'd forgotten about Saturday Pudding, here's what we had, not a recipe from my new best book, just ordinary chocolate buns, topped with chocolate fudge icing and Mars Planets. They did not last long!


trashalou said...

You are very welcome Missus Stash and I hope you are feeling better soon.

As for that book...... it is a very bad book and you should avoid making anything from it as it is completely addictive. If you are intent on disregarding my warning then I can seriously recommend the 'cookie' recipe. Mmmmmmm... we like that one here at Trash Towers.

Gina said...

I hope you feel better soon... then you can start showing us some of the lovely cakes you make from that book!

Rhiannon said...

Happy choosday!
sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, I recommend the lovely's amazing throat soother - half a lemon, a cinnamon stick and lots of honey boiled in a pan with a little bit of water. Delish and soothing in one go :D

Thanks for recommending the Hummingbird book - I'd been wondering about getting it for a while now


Ali said...

I've been drooling over that book in the shop. Not sure my waistband can cope with another excuse to bake though.

wonderwoman said...

hope you are feeling better soon - that remark is the sort of thing my son would say!!!!
that cook book is lovely, my friend has it in her shop. Your cakes look scrummy - chocolate mmmm! look forward to seeing what you make from that book.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I've got a horrible lurgy too - such a shame I have to lie on the sofa reading all day!

That book looks fab - I tried to get it on Amazon for a friend but it doesn't seem to be available for another week or so for some reason.

Hope you're feeling better really soon and don't need to go to hospital because of the chocolate aversion.

Locket xxx

silverpebble said...

Ooh I spied that book just yesterday - looks as though I might just have to have it.

I missed your birthday - we were away. Lovely idea to have a giveaway for it!

Sorry you're poorly sick. Knit and get better xx

Moogsmum said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!

Hope the lurgy goes away....and that it doesn't turn out to be swine-flu....Locket has that at the moment....can you catch it on the internets?....


I do hope you are being cherished and nursed back to health.

Minx was 'helping' to write my shopping list the other day and I had to ask her what 'chuna' was....turns out it's exactly what it says on the tin...


Kathryn said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! So glad you like the book, I'll have to hit Amazon, instead of making do with the extract I found in some magazine.

Ooh, new chocolate discovery today - Cadbury's Peanuts. Would probaby gpo very well on top of chocolate cupcakes with fudgy icing...