Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've spent the past 4 hours baking in the kitchen (hmm, where else would you bake?). Do not worry, there is lots more cake than this, but I just put a bit on the plate. Chocolate and cherry flapjacks, cream cheese and white chocolate cookies, cherry scones and a cherry bakewell cake (recipe courtesy of Caked Crusader). At the time of taking this photo, I also had 2 mincemeat loaves and a batch of brownies in the oven. Not happy with the brownies though, I committed the ultimate sin and left them in the oven too long. Not up to your standard Trashy. I blame this man. I was too busy watching him on a dvd, laughing myself stupid, that I never got round to thinking about cooking times!

I felt it was a good idea to watch something funny whilst doing the whole baking for Comic relief bit. I have always liked Jasper. So ridiculously funny and wonderful facial expressions. I think it's a case of love or hate with him - myself, I'm in the love campus, but Mr Stressy far prefers Ken Dodd (who irritates me to death!).

Bit like Marmite really - love or hate. I love Marmite. How about you?

Raffle tickets for blanket are still available if you haven't bought one yet.

Happy Comic Relief day everyone, and just be careful, it is, afterall, Friday 13th.



Daisie said...

Oh, Stashy, you are sensible, I too love Jasper and Marmite (think people who don't are strange, and not in a good way) and we should tickle Dodd off the face of the earth!
Happy silliness!

Anonymous said...

I was eyeing up that cake the other day. Good Luck, can't imagine you'll have anything left.

trashalou said...

Oh thast Blogger! My comment last night got eaten but I was just wanting to say how yummy looking everything is.

I read your post after retiring hurt from my own kitchen and letting those blueberry muffins bake away!

The Caked Crusader said...

Love marmite, and would pick Jasper Carrott over Ken Dodd any day!

So glad your cake came out well - it looks beautiful.

Rachel said...

I love marmite and Jasper too! (Can't stand Ken Dodd). Yummy looking cakes!

Rhiannon said...

I love marmite, it may actually be one of my favourite foods EVER - spread on toast, with cheese, on its own on a spoon.... the possibilities are endless!

Impressive cake baking - did the Caked Crusader's cherry bakewell come out brilliantly (I hope so as I plan on making it one of these days....)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Love marmite much to the disgust of the rest of the Lockets (but not my mum) but sadly don't love JC or Ken Dodd - sorry! Love Norman Wisdom though!

Great bakerage by the way - what are mincemeat loaves? I have loads of mincemeat left from Christmas and would love a way to use it!

Locket xxx

Kathryn said...

Marmite on toast, and then beans on top. A recent discovery, but it works really well!