Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is another in the series of Stash Basket Cards. I knit the jumper, eldest son does the art work, I put them all together, he gets paid. Something a bit wrong there somewhere, but hey, it keeps him quiet. For about 5 minutes. Mr Stressy has asked for a big jumper like this. I have told him no way, he does not have a good track record with hand knitted jumpers. (Just to jog your memory, he creosotes the fence in them and then puts them in the washer on a hot wash to get rid of the smell.)

However, Mr Stressy has been very generous, he has bought me a beautiful silver necklace with a silver heart pendant covered in teeny crystals which sparkle like mad.

But I'm still not going to make him a big jumper!

And just in case you thought I'd forgotten about Saturday Pudding, here's one big plate loaded with calories. Chocolate almond cake, filled with white chocolate cream and strawberries and covered in chocolate icing. Believe me, it will go down well here! We do chocolate in a big way!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Another brilliant card Michaela!!! And that cake looks heavenly!

Lucy xxx

Rhiannon said...

looks deliciously scrummy :)
and how lucky you are to be given such a pretty sounding necklace
have a wonderful day


Kitty said...

The card is wonderful. The cake is just phenomenal.

I'm ignoring Valentines this year. The kids aren't here. There's no other half. Just me, the cat and the hamster. I'd say bah humbug, but it's the wrong time of the year! x

Gina said...

That cake looks wonderful - it's making my mouth water and tummy rumble. I may have to go and bake something with chocolate to remedy the situation.

wonderwoman said...

wow, amazing cake -yhummm! and great card!


Moogsmum said...

What a fab card!!

If Mr Stressy is so desperate for a handknit jumper why not knit him a nasty acrylic one that he can wash to his heart's content ;-)

Gorgeous looking pud - perfect!