Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween one and all.

I have been spectacularly bad at blogging of late. Sorry. Half term is one of those busy times - I had planned on doing so much knitting, getting so much finished and not casting anything else on... Well, the thought was there wasn't it?

I have finished something though. My nephew wanted a cushion to match one I made him years ago. So I have made one of my Christmas presents. Hooray for me! I did this very quickly because it's in the truly hideous Sirdar Foxy . A horror to knit with, a horror to feel and it squeaks so much. I shall have to educate said nephew in the delights of Posh Yarn. He really needs serious help I feel!
So glad that you all like the Golden Wedding Blanket too. I made another square - these flower ones take an age to do, but are worth every minute spent on them.

I've cast on 2 new things. The first is a Baktus scarf, not shown here, that can wait for another day. The second is this. I'm going to tease you and not say what this is. You know how I love clever knitting? Well this is clever beyond all imagining. How someone could design a pattern like this is beyond me. Keep watching to see how this mystery object transforms into something very pretty.
On the weight-loss front, I didn't get weighed this week as I went away for a few days. I am still trying hard though, but am starting to find it a bit difficult and more of a chore now. Determined to reach my target by Christmas though.

Had to go clothes shopping this week - my clothes are all now huge and look very stupid. Strange how I couldn't button up the trousers a few months ago - now they just fall down! Although it feels very good, it's a double-edged sword and is costing a small fortune. But never mind eh?

Must go and make a gruesome pudding now. I think it will have to be something green and monstrous just for Halloween. Youngest son wants strawberry jam 'blood' incorporated somewhere in it. He used to be so nice...


Anonymous said...

Your golden wedding blanket is splendid, Michaela. I wish I could knit such a beautiful square but for now, it is not the case: I still have to learn fair isle knitting. Have a nice Halloween! xx


quinn said...

I wish I shared your loose-clothing problem...perhaps we could trade wardrobes?

Looking forward to the development of the mystery project! I have an idea, but will wait and see :)

dottycookie said...

That does look like a very snuggly cushion, even if it was a pain to knit. I crocheted a bunny once with the very same wool and it nearly killed me.

I've been away too, hence no weighing. I dread to think what will await me when I do, but let's just say I don't share the falling down trousers problem ...

busybusybeejay said...

Love the blankets.I have signed up for the 2010 mystery blanket.Hope I can cope.

barbara said...

I am really enjoying watching the progress on the Golden Wedding blanket. It is going to be a terrific gift. Congratulations on the weight loss. Enjoy getting some new clothes (you're worth it).

wonderwoman said...

love the flower design and can't wait to see the mystery knitting!