Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nothing changes...

I'm still swamped by my many unfinished projects. Starting to panic at the amount needing to be done. Wondering how I can ever work my way round to finishing something - anything even. So am I getting any finished? Am I finally getting out the long forgotten needles from some long forgotten project?

Er, no. I am doing what any other self-confessed knitting nutter actually does. I'm casting on something new! Yes, yes, yes, I know, I've heard it all before. Finish something before you start something else. Finish one thing, start on another. Easy peasy. Just like how easy it is to have just one square of chocolate from the huge family sized bar of Dairy Milk in the cupboard right next to me HERE!!!!! Yes, just as easy.

Remarkably though, my will power with the chocolate is much better than my will power with the needles. So I've cast on a scarf and left the chocolate alone. It is now October so Christmas is just around the corner and the sum total of my festive knitting amounts to a pair of socks for mum. Whilst thinking of this, I decided that my poor dad rarely gets any knitting for himself (though it could be argued that socks for mum mean that she doesn't warm her cold feet on him, so that's sort of a present?). Anyway, I digress, I thought my dear dad would like a nice cashmere scarf to keep him warm on those cold winter walks. So I dug out all those scraps of leftover cashmere from Tipsy and cast on a mere 400 stitches.

Oh this pattern is good. Easy, quickish - for 400 stitches - and very pretty looking. The colours actually work far better in real life than it seems here.

So whilst the Mystery Blanket will remain a mystery to you all for another week or so, Carica is still only half way up the back, Soho is just a square rather than a massive rectangle, the zig-zag anklets are just singular, the Golden Wedding Blanket is more like a cushion, the teeny Rowan jumper is still awaiting more weight loss before it fits, the quiviut snood is somewhat short, the million miles of cotton i-cord remains a million miles of i-cord, I am enjoying knitting a scarf.

Oh to be strong and finish something once in a while!


busybusybeejay said...

My problem is I finish something which I had in mind for a present but can't part with it, the latest being a cashmere scarf.
I also always have lots of WIPs.At the moment a cardigan for my grandaughter(she only 2),yet another pair of socks,a shawl and a 2ply stole.

duraknit said...

I like the scarf! Is it garter stitch? Seed stitch? Linen stitch? Please tell!

My verification word is "entionth." A new word that will be very useful in statements such as "I just cast on my entionth pair of socks."

--Elizabeth D

Joan said...

I can certainly relate to this post. And yes what is the scarf and the yarn?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh just enjoy yourself! Life is too short to worry about all the knitting you SHOULD be doing!!! ;o) Lucy xxx

trashalou said...

Oh I have entioth projects too!

quinn said...

Did you say "qiviut"? i must have missed the post when you cast on that project!

Please pass the chocolate...the cream puff I just had for a snack seemed a bit bland.

not looking forward to the scales this week!

marit said...

The word "should" should be left out of the vocabulary..;-)
Enjoy your scarf(lovely colours!), those wip's will not run off by themselves, and after all, we knit for the fun of it, don't we?? Hmmm, I think I'll cast on a pair of mittens...and maybe some socks too;-D

Anonymous said...

Lovely colours for that scarf. Keep casting on!

wonderwoman said...

oh i sooo know how you are feeling - have decided to do a list but that in itself was quite daunting - did manage to tick one thing off it though!! so there's hope!


Mary deB said...

As long as you finish the scarf, you're okay, right? (Don't ask me how rational I'd be around the chocolate!)

My word is rattie, which is often how I feel when confronting my entionth project.

Working Mom Knits said...

I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE KNITTING!! Very addictive too :)


ps: only 1/4 lb at wiegh-in last night :(

Moogsmum said...

400 stitches? You'll have that done in no time ;)

This week's progress on my UFOs has involved casting on (and finishing) two hats, and starting a mystery sock KAL .....ie no progress on the UFOs but some very happy new knitting!

The scarf looks lovely - another one for my queue :)