Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a cow!

It's amazing what you see when you're trying to have a nice quiet bowl of bran flakes for breakfast. Looking out of my kitchen window this morning I saw this greedy cow looking in at me. And before you complain about me calling her greedy, let me tell you that this beast has single-handedly (or should that be single hoofedly?) devoured our pear trees, ivy plants, privet hedges, laurel hedges and anything else that she can reach from her field. There is a barbed wire fence holding her back from our fence, but such is the age of the thing, she just steps over that to get to our greenery.

Some years ago, one cow escaped from the field and got onto the road. To prevent an accident, a well-meaning neighbour ushered her into our front garden and closed the gate before calling the farmer. Now those of you who know Mr Stressy will know that he is a fanatic when it comes to his garden - not a blade of grass is out of place and once a week he sweeps the gravel. Yes, I really did say that. He sweeps the gravel with a brush. So to find a cow on the drive was not his idea of a good plan. However, it all ended reasonably OK, we had a few smashed plant pots, a few nibbled plants, but nothing too serious.

Thank goodness it was not this Greedy Cow who ended up on our drive. Mr Stressy would surely have had her in the freezer before you could say horseradish sauce.


Moogsmum said...

Mr Stressy would do love it here...what with our overgrown shrubs, crumbling concrete driveway and all!

That cow does have a certain greesy glint in her eye!!


Moogsmum said...

I meant 'so' love it here, of course.....typing is at present impaired by me being forced to watch my 'present' from Moogsdad - the full two season collection of Fawlty Towers!


dottycookie said...

Would Mr Stressy like to come and sweep our gravel? I occasionally rake it and weed it, but that's about all. I was told off one day by the local busybody because some of the little stones had strayed onto the pavement. Harumph.

marit said...

That cow made me smile!
I had a very sour call from a neighbour today- my sheep were offending her, would I please come and remove them from her grounds??? I'm sorry to say I don't take her too seriously, though, she used to have sheep herself, and if her sheep came over to our place, she complained that our fences were in bad condition(not that she ought to do something about her fences...)

Anonymous said...

This is very funny! Love that cow story and I find her "cartoonesque" a bit. Makes me smie, Michaela! ;)


wonderwoman said...

Mr Stressy would probably get on well with my hubby -when we had part of our drive redone, he would not let anyone park on it in case their car leaked oil!!!

trashalou said...

Would Mr. Stressy care to share some of his care and concern about the garden with CK?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hmmm. Thinking about Mr Stressy and the garden makes me think about how much Mr Locket and I prefer the GoogleEarth satellite images of our garden from BEFORE we moved here! There is such an impressive collection of junk lying around now - at least it's helping to supress the weeds!

But having a cow in your front garden isn't anyone's idea of fun I suppose!

Locket xxx